Picture This 6#

1. Corben decided that he needed a trip to A&E this week, and decided to run into a door while playing with a friend. He has a huge cut on his eye lid, which they glued I have to say he was so brave and it's healing well. This is why there has been a lack of anything on the blog lately, so sorry it's been quite but my little man needed lots of hugs, chocolate and let's not forget Peppa pig! (I can't tell you how much I hate it and how much he loves it). I was going to post a photo of his war wound, but it's not very nice so here is a cute one instead.

2. I have felt so rough lately, and the thought of food is making me feel sick I'm looking forward to getting better and digging into well anything! I got these bowls in my local charity shop for 75p each, I'm hoping that once I am back to myself I can fill them with ice cream or anything else that is stupidly delicious. 

3. I was so lucky to snap this photo of these two squirrels enjoying the last lick of ice cream left on a lolly stick. They were so cute and Corben was laughing at them, he scared them off by shouting ' eruirrels ' I love them even if they are diseased.  I never knew that  squirrels are divided into five subfamilies, with about 50 genera and nearly 280 species
thanks to Wikipedia you learn something new everyday.

4. I love my bling bling phone cover (EBay £3.00), but as I have taken it on and off like a billion times it's started to chip at the ends. I have a stand charger, so my phone won't go on with the cover damn it. It's so pretty as well anyway.

5.Trying to go on another no shopping ban for June, we will see how long it lasts but I really don't NEED anything at the moment. I have a heap of stuff that still needs to be worn, so I think I can go a whole month without buying clothing etc... I really, really need to do my EBay I have said it like 1000,00 times now but I'm running out of room. Plus Barry (my bloke) has to put up with my piles, and piles of clothing every where and he hate's mess ( his the tidy one) so if it all what he his side of the wardrobe again.

6. I will be doing my blog reading later this week, thank you for all your lovely comments and be trying to get everything back to normal soon. I have so much to share with you, and  I feel like I'm so behind with what you all have been doing. So a nice cup of tea and your blog's will be my Friday night I think. Hope you are all having a fab week, and thanks for all your tweets for Corben his being a little solider and is enjoying all the extra hugs (like I said the eye is looking better).


  1. Oh my goodness Corben is so cute! (and I don't even like children) <3

  2. caYOOT. He's like your baby boy twin from the eyes

  3. Glad corben is feeling better now, little trooper!

  4. I hope Corben feels better soon :( I love all of the colour in these pictures too, absolutely gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  5. Awww poor corben! :( my little bro and sis are the same, at that age where they are constantly running into things (or each other) playing rough, knocking things over. So glad he was a brave boy and hopefully is feeling better! Great wee catch up as usual miss, I always look forward to them ♥ your eye makeup is stunning in that first pic. Lots of love and hugs. xx

  6. Corben is utterly adorable, especially about the squirrels! Kids do the funniest things! He's definitely lucky to have a mummy and daddy that dote on him! Hope it wasn't too much of a scare taking him to a&e!

    I have so much blog reading to catch up on too...

  7. Corben is a lovely name. And he is SO CUTE! xxx

  8. Ohh your blog and photos are so colourful, it's a joy to read :) Good luck with your shopping ban, I should take heed of your attempts I really should! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. aww i cants stop looking at ur phone cover lol


  10. I love these cutey posts. Hope the sickness eases very soon. xxx


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