Style File: Rihanna

Yes! I have final got a new Style File up, sorry it has taken so long but things have been kind of mad busy and I have been so ill. Anyway the lovely Nina from What are you looking at requested Ri Ri a while ago, and I feel bad it has taken me so long as she is such a sweetie (check out her blog, she is a cool kitten). So here it is and I hope you like it, Rihanna has such a hard style to capture as she's so daring on stage and off is more rocker chic. I think a great way to get instance Rihanna glam, is to add a headwrap tied in a bow at the front also keep it bright and edgy or more biker chic if you like wearing black.

I do like Rihanna, but have never paid attention to what she wear's when she is off duty.
I have to say that her hair style's (good stylist) keep every outfit playful and she has such a mix going on in clothing. So if you want some Ri Ri style in your life, make sure you have a mix of cool do's to go with your summer wardrobe. So here are a mix of Ri Ri style outfits all current from River Island, Topshop, New Look and H&M ...

                                                             Images: Be your own brand & getty

I am trying to get back on top of well, everything I have been so run down but I have doctors on Tuesday so will be back on track soon. I attended the Very press day, so I will post all the wonderful pieces that they have for you (in love) and lots of other stuff .....

So have a fab Bank holiday and I hope you are all well.


  1. I do love Rihanna and her hair always looks stunning! I think she does have quite a mix of styles great post :)

  2. Wow I love this post and you must have put so much effort into it too. Rihanna is so hot, she looks good in just about anything! I hadn't seen that picture of her in the grey top and red skirt before - I love the idea of mixing a casual grey jersey texture with a luxe silky red material... I think I'm hatching an idea with that one! Fab post, thank you, Gem xx

  3. AHH the purple and orange outfit of rihannas is a dream!! x

  4. Ohhhhh, thank you, thank you, thank youuu!!!! <3 I LOVE it!!!
    I love Rihanna's style so much, she mixes such different stuff together and yes, that biker/rocker chic style of hers is awesome, I especially love that one... :)) And her hair really DOES make everything even more special!
    I love this post! :) Thank you Laura!
    And thank you for your comment, I was so inactive with reading other blogs as well, but I am more than happy to take some time these days and just catch up on everything. :) Have a wonderful week! xoxoxo

  5. I've never really been a fan of Rihanna's style, but I like the things you've picked out.

  6. I just found your blogger and I loved it obvious I'm still a kiss.
    mily sánchez

  7. I flippin LOVE that TopShop butterfly headband!!!



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