I Need That, That And That # 3 Beauty UK

Eye palettes in Soho Bright & Glitz

I first found Beauty Uk in Superdrug and had no idea they were online, yes me the online junkie not knowing they have a site!! Anyway it all started with their lime green nail polish, everyone kept asking me where I got it, I think they were shocked when I told them it cost me less than £5. So  after seeing them on twitter I thought I recalled the name, I followed the link and had thee biggest smile on my face, my Superdrug does not have the full range.
So I thought I would share this info with you, as I know you all love a bargin. They even have a blog on the site I love their youtube videos so have chosen two too share. I also have one of their lipsticks, and it's really nice great for if you want a treat but don't have a much money. I want all their eye palettes, they have now started doing baked eye shadow too.

 Nail polish in Golden Chestnut & Electric Purple
Baked Eye shadow in Sunrise
Lipstick in Sunset 



There price range is so good you can get an eye palette for £3.99, and my lime nail polish was only £1.99. I think it's great for if your just getting into makeup, as there is lots to play with when I get one of the eye palette's I will review it and let you know. The lippy and nail polish get's a 9/10 for me such great value and just as good as any big brand. 

I though you would like the Jesse J make up look and the Kesha one too (would be nice for a night out) let me know if you try these out. I love Kesha for her glam rock trash style and Jesse J always has amazing makeup, loved her studded lips in her video.


  1. wow your kesha look is amazing :D x

  2. I really like the look of that second eye palette!


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