Style File: Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf

Hello this was requested by the lovely Emma (from Scrapbook de la Emma), I think that Blair's style is similar to Summer so have a look. I do love Blair Waldorf style, she always has a very sharp look that like her words is always straight to the point. I have kept the looks simple, as Blair Waldorf does not go to over board (like me) I think a great way to get her look is the tights. Blair makes sure she always has a patterned pair of tights with most outfits, it breaks up the colour and sometimes her clash of patterns. She loves heels and always has lust worth shoes, her look is preppy but far from polo shirts she loves patterned dresses, as well as block colour too. I think you can get her look on a budget,  she wears a lot of pencil skirts and prom style skirts (team with a short sleeved shirt or blouse).

Have a look at ASOS, H&M and River Island they have some great pieces in and also have a lot in the sales. So I'm sure you could have a Blair style wardrobe in no time, I love Gossip Girl have you been watching it? Who's do you love/hate? I have a little crush on Chuck and Nate is pretty hot too.

Image from GG (The CW)

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend my dears, I am. I will have a review up this week and also a haul post, I will have some time tomorrow so will have a good blog read and get my D.I.Ys done I hope. Anyway if you have a request for a style file let me know.


  1. yay you went with blair, i wanted her cos her character is someone i always wish i could dress more like, so prim and perfectly groomed but still bang on trend. i guess im just too scruffy haha! xo

  2. i love blair's style! so posh and well put together!

  3. This is such a great post. Blair is my absolute favourite from GG, she always looks flawless and classy. I LOVE the outfit with the pink shorts from when she was working at W, she looks so cute! xxx

  4. Blair´s style is amazing. So feminine but yet quite fun looking. love it.

  5. I love blair, so this is great, love what you picked!! xx

  6. I love Blair and Leighton Meester is super stunning. Definitely one of my style icons!

    Maria xxx

  7. I'm in love with the cardigan in the Day Look! It's so cute!

    I love Blair's style...very simple but stylish!

    Chuck is hot! <3


  8. This is an amazing post! Blair has such amazing style I love looking at looks for her :) I could imagine all of those especially the yellow H&M dress! Great work :)


  9. Great post!
    Lovely second look <33


  10. I don't watch Gossip Girl, but I love the styles you've picked and I think Blair's style would be the closest to mine from the show.

  11. I love the red knitted skirt!

  12. My favourite character by far, love her so much ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  13. haha i wish i have at least a quarter of what she wears on set !


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