Just 5 More Minutes

Looking  like I have a balloon in my pants // Cardigan: old
Vest & headband: H&M
Harem Pants: H&M
Belt: ASDA
Shoes: ASOS

It seems that this is my new catch phrase, and that any question will have this response. Law can you make a cup of tea 'just 5 more minutes', Law you have been on twitter all day, give it a rest 'just 5 more minutes', that will be £2.40 'just 5 more minutes' Yes even in the supermarket I need this amount of time to dig out my purse. Maybe I could save myself an extra minute by making a sign to wear on my head saying it ...maybe not. I have to stop saying it, I have started to annoy myself and even Corben gives me this face as if to say 'shut up Mum' haha. Had a great day with Corben and me and my friend took him and her little girls to a different play group, I think my new rule this month is too do more for him so less of 'just five more minutes' more grab your coat kiddo.

I will be bringing you more event's for Help Japan,  like I said before I know all you lovely bloggers are planning things so I'm more than happy to feature you to help you raise money for your  Help Japan event. What have you been saying lately? As I said in my other post (before all everything that happened) I was going to share what I won in the giveaway's I entered, I have been lucky so here is want I won and thanks again to Powder and Gloss and Gigi Vintage.



  1. wooow
    Very nice post!!

    Lovely pants <33


  2. Great post, very interesting to read! Your outfits so cute! xx

  3. Great outfit - totally something I would wear x

  4. Your outfit is fantastic! Those pants are AMAZINGGGG.

    I plan on blogging about it, but Eurosport is having a 'United Japan' shirt on sale & 100% of the proceeds will go to The Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan. It might not be very fashionable, but I love soccer and I think it's an amazing cause.


    Lately I keep calling everyone "bro" and it's bothering me. I sound like I should be on Jersey Shore. *rolls eyes*

  5. you look wonderful!! this is your best outfit yet! thos trousers were made for you!!! xoxo

  6. Love the pants! :)

    Emily has such pretty handwriting! I'm quite envious!

    I have a habit of saying "hang on a minute" I must annoy everyone with it including myself sometimes! One bad habit I do have is double, triple etc. checking things that I've literally just done two seconds ago! Whether it's locking my car or the door to the house or checking I switched my GHDs off and unplugged them! I really irritate myself with that!

    Great post :)


  7. aww what a cool prize! and yes we're all thinking about japan <3 lovely blog :)

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

  8. cool pants!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a NEW give-away)

  9. Love the outfit! I find that as of late I keep saying 'just saying' after EVERYTHING, especially when it's offensive to someone. It's like my new 'no offence'.

  10. actually IN LOVE with those trousers!

  11. u look amazing! how do u do it was harem pants? ur genius :3 and ur really thoughtful to help and put so much effort in donating money!

  12. Firstly: I ADORE your outfit, those trousers are amazing.

    Secondly: I've never felt so sad about a disaster before, watching all the news is just heartbreaking. I can't even imagine being in that position and seeing whole towns wiped out like that. It just seems to be one thing after another.

    Lastly: I knew that F21 was moving to Oxford St but I had no idea it was taking over HMV! That's crazy. Definitely sad to see how the times have effected record sales. I haven't bought a cd in a long time.

  13. hehe 5 more minutes is all we ever need! cute pants

  14. Haha, I love this "What have you been saying lately? " :D
    I must say that I don't know what's up with me at the moment, actually everyone I know is a bit like that right now, but these days are so LAZY!
    I'm not in the mood, but I want to do everything anyway, already knowing I won't do anything. And I don't want to feel bad about it, so every morning I make these lists of things that I should do (I feel better then) & the only thing I check at the end of the day is "lunch" (and I don't feel so good anymore). O.o And my everyday catch phrase: "OK, today I'm gonna do everything!" Right...I should settle some stuff in my head first... :D

    I love your dress here! :) Love the headband, the harem pants and your SHOES!! <3 I've just been looking at a similar pair at Tally Weijl website, wanted to do a wishlist.
    Oh, congrats on winning a giveaway!!! What a beautiful vintage sunglasses! Love the letter with the cupcakes. :)) I've never won a giveaway...I've only participated once, actually. :D
    Keep it strong with the "Help Japan"!! Love! <3 xoxo

  15. amazing trews! we well can all get involved, every little really counts


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