Unique Kitten


Coat and bag : Primark
Jumper: Thrifed
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: EBay

So today was mega boring, I just took Corben (my son) to playgroup and went to the library I did however pick up a book on Mc Queen while I was there. It's so interesting to read, and see how Lee Mc Queen got to be the icon he is (or sadly was) looking at his many moments in fashion you can't help but feel inspired and also bored at what's happening now at fashion week. I think that London Fashion Week will never be the same without him, and I hope that other designers take a chance on the catwalk like he did with his many shows. That's not to say I have not liked LFW, I adore the Topshop Unique collection I really want to try out that hair style I think it is a welcome change from the top knot. Plus I will be trying the Dalmatian nail look, and show you if it's a hit or miss. Lets face it leopard print rules. 

So today's outfit was a throw it on it's cold, I did get to wear my Ebay shoes I adore these wedges they are very 70s and lets face it I need a heel. I dig out my bootcuts as they go so well with the 70s dolly wedge, I did have a blouse on but it was so cold I grabbed my sailor jumper instead. I rushed my makeup, I really want to get back in to my bright pop eyes again for summer I also need more Topshop blusher.



  1. i agree! i love leopard print! and i love your striped blue and white top!

  2. love that coat, and yes mr mcqueen, he was so bold and i feel his pieces still make a statement even after his sad death. xo

  3. I loooove that coat! Right on.


  4. Can't believe those jeans are New Look! They look amazing! Love the sailor stripes mixed with leopard print! x

  5. i used to read everything i could about mcqueen about 8 years ago. he had such an inspirational life. I was devistated when he passed - he was a true pioneer for british fashion

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  7. I'm often quite disenchanted by fashion week shows too, it seems like the real creative geniuses are few and far apart. I was absolutely shocked when I heard McQueen had passed, he was my alltime favorite.

  8. I love your coat, yes leopard print rocks! xx

  9. Definitely miss McQueen but I'm glad that his legacy lives on and that so far, Sarah Burton has done a tremendous job. So definitely looking forward to Paris fashion week.

    Actually, PFW is one of my favourites purely because some of the designers that show there bring so much drama to the shows that sometimes LFW/NYFW lacks. Cannot wait for CDG etc!

  10. Looking great as always miss :) what topshop blusher do you use? I really want one but never know what shade to get! xx


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