Bring Back Friday

head scarf
the look bag
leopard top
Printed light Jacket: Tesco
Top: Miss Selfridge
Rings: Primark/ H&M
Jeans: Topshop

Wow lots of new followers (readers), I'm guessing you lovelies follow Lily well welcome to all and I hope you enjoy my blog ...Sorry to say it's not all meeting celebs and parties I'm afraid. Anyway hello to all, I can't believe the weekend is over it has just gone in the blink of an eye. So I said I would show you what goodies I got in my Look bag : So without going into boring detail, I got: 
Sunglasses from M&S
Bag from H&M
Scarf from New Look
Hand cream and some makeup
And some water, chocolate and perfume.

I love everything, I wore the new look scarf today (to cold to do outside shoots) as a head wrap I love the print and the colour me ignore the fact that our weather is so grim. Also I'm in love with this draped jacket thing I got from Tesco, I had a voucher to spend and after seeing all the prints and floaty material at the look show I had to have it. I can't wait for summer to don those fab sunglasses too, come on summer you just seem so far away and I can't stop looking at summer clothing. If you missed my post yesterday check it out, I'm still shocked that I met celebs, bloggers and that the day was perfect (that NEVER happens to me). Also a big shout out to Clare (who has a great post on it) to who I had a quick chat with at the show, gutted I did not get more time with her and the other lovely ladies was a little a great day, but a blur at the same time.

Images : Look magazine / and mine

So I promise no more rants about The Look show, as you are probably bored by now so if you want to check it out some more and the catwalk videos than you can here. In other news O2 finally sent me my gold surprise, which was a nice bottle of diesel perfume (yet to smell it) and I got some bits to show you that I got off EBay and forgot about ?! My head is in the clouds, but I am slowly starting to sort my life out again I have so much to do this week. Nothing really fun. Oh well. I really wish I could have gone to some shows at London Fashion week, next season I will get my butt in gear and sort it out as the shows for A/W looked insane. I tried to watch some shows via live stream earlier, haha I may as well have been trying to kiss the queen because it would not work on the mac, my PC died and by the time I had it back on it was all over :/ Hope you all had a nice weekend and it's back to the norm for me.



  1. great headscarf lovely, its pretty. glad you had a fun day on friday :)

  2. Wow,those gifts from the Look Bag looks really great!

  3. lovely combination of color. It looks lovely on you. Hope you have a beautiful week.

  4. love the vibrantness of the scarf!

  5. wow your so lucky
    why dont i ever do cool stuff like that :P


  6. i love ur head scarf ^^ it has a nice colour and pattern ^^

  7. I'm soooooo jealous! And I love your headscarf. I've always wanted to try it but I'd probably do it wrong and look silly. :P x

  8. Ahh the goody bag stuff looks so good!

  9. Loving what you've done turning the scarf into a headscarf - might need to give that a try myself! So looking forward to wearing/using all the other goodies... x

  10. Pure hot outfit lovely, and I can't tell you HOW jealous I've been reading all your posts about the Look Show - looked fabulous! Can't believe you got to schmooze with Marina fae the Diamonds - AAHHHH!!

    love xx

  11. Hmmm, do I recognise that scarf? ;)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. My dress was from H&M, last year, it was only about 20 quid!
    I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the Show xx


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