The Look Show 2011


So as I told you in my last post I won tickets to The Look Show, so me and my friend Daisy lose our heads ...What to wear? Who will be there? We were so excited and we weren't disappointed. The show was held at the Victoria house, Bloomsbury square which I usual pass on my way to Camden so I found it easily and while waiting to get in and waiting for Daisy I met Gem, Michelle, Victoria and Lily (who are all so nice and we had such a laugh). We were all really excited and it didn't take long before we were inside. The room was buzzing, at the front there were a hoard of photographers waiting for all the celebrates to turn up and did they, at the other end was the bar with waiters wearing Hawaiian shirts, which made it feel like summer already (if only) and the champagne was flowing.  


We were all chatting and than stopped, all of a sudden the photographers went flash mental and I can't blame them, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Marina Diamandis and Olivia Palermo were posing for photos and giving interviews. I managed to get some photos I was lucky enough to get one with the gorgeous Marina who had thee cutest jumper on ever ! I forgot my self and had a little chat with her pretty surreal but amazing as I love her so much and she looked stunning. There was a chocolate fountain and heaps of food flowing around the room, I also met Sara and Kavita but as they were going to be blogging for the show were rushed off their feet (it was great to meet you ladies, short but sweet). I was so happy to see thee amazing Arieta Mujay who is PR rep for River Island I adore her style and always watch her vlogs for the website (style crush) I dragged her off to have a photo she is even cooler in real life and The Look show where taking street style shoots and asked me *blush ..I bet I look like a total nerd in them, but anyway.

Aww me and Daisy chatted with two lovely girls from Dorothy Perkins (sorry I forgot your names) please comment with your names so I can put them under your photo, I felt at home soaking up all the fashion ! Also met the wonderful Carina who is a blogger and PR rep for Wildfox, she was such a sweetheart and I still don't know where she found the energy to go to London Fashion Week after (what's your secret?) it was mental and than came the show.


Me and Daisy where sat in row B, and when we sat down there was a goody bag by our feet (I'll show you in another post) it has fab goodies in. Me and Daisy were having a chat than all of a sudden flashing bulbs where going off right left and centre, sitting across from us front row where Keisha Buchanan, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Jamie Winstone, Melanie Blatt and Olivia Palermo !! Yes our eyes where falling out and so the show began, it was just amazing and with each collection me and Daisy where drooling over each other. I think all the collections where stunning (you can shop them here), and offered a style this season for everyone it was also great to see curvy models strutting there stuff. Petra Nemcova looked beyond goddess like in a french connection dress, and me and Daisy were taking note of what all the celebs had on in the front row (Olivia in H&M). The show finished with a killer performance from Alexis Jordan, who is stunning and I want her hair so badly and her voice (I recorded a little of the performance for you lot)

Check her out :



The lovely Arieta Mujay

The gorgeous DP girl's

I love you Marina, please have my babies


My camera was crap and I just could not get the photos I wanted from the catwalk, but I will be doing another post and I will have the catwalk photos from the show so you lovely lot can see. I also have some catwalk video (only short and sweet) but I can still share them with you. Sorry this post is uber long, but so much happened in such a short time, anyway I had an amazing day and it was funny trying to squeeze into the photo booth with the girls (major fail on my part) and me and Gem had a laugh having to use the guy's toilets haha they did not mind. I just want to say thank you to Uniqlo for the tickets and I really hope I win some for next year.
I will be doing another post tomorrow, so don't worry you will see what goodies I got etc. Thank you for staying with me and sorry I have been slow on the blog this week, I hope this makes up for it.


  1. GREAT post - so gutted to miss The Look Show this season, the past two were brilliant but it looks very polished this time around!

    I fangirled a bit at this photo: as the lady dead-centre with the fringe is the fabulous Bangs And A Bun (! I adore her! :)

  2. Aaaah it was so lovely to meet you! Hopefully we'll get the chance to meet up again soon (: Nabbed a few of these photos for my post tomorrow! xxx

  3. Ooooh I only found your blog today, would have been lovely to have met you. It was a great day, you got some amazing photos! Jealous!


  4. Looks like you had a great time, so jealous you met Marina, love her jumper :)

  5. great photos lovely, the celeb spotting eeh fun fun

  6. oh my, about the show. & are those crocheted pets?

  7. looks like you had a fantastic time! alexis jordan is so pretty! love your outfit! i'm so going to have to make an effort to go to more fashiony events!

  8. was a super fun time! Great celeb spotting! I am soo crap at spotting them! Was chatting to Shane Ward .... NO idea who he was! Totally missed Sophie Elis- Bexter too! She is gorgeous!

    LOVED ur skirt by the way! totally awesome!


  9. looks like everyone has a top time, glad you got the ticket

  10. ZOMG! im really jeaslous!" it looks like quite an experience! I wish I could do somehting like that :3 and I cant wait to see ur goodys :p

    also amazing photos ^^

  11. It looks amazing! I'm mad jealous of your eyeliner!

  12. ahh can't believe you met Marina!! i love her!! looks like you ad so much fun xxx

  13. Loved looking at these photos from the show, you guys honestly look like you had a great time! Cant wait for your next post :) xx

  14. This looks like so much fun! Ahh i can't wait till next year :)

  15. i won tickets too! shame i didnt get to meet you!! you have great photos by the way!xx

  16. Oh my goodness it looks like you had the most amazing time!! That mousey jumper is simply amazing, i need to make one!

  17. Wow, it looks like you had a lovely time.
    I love Marina too, she's just so unpretentious and cool. It's posts like this that make me eager to get back to England and resume normal life (and competition entry!). Re: Messy Carla's comment- Bangs was there too?? I love that lady, she's bloody awesome.


  18. Great post - jealous of your seats - we were in row F so my celeb spotting of Olivia Palermo was limited to the back of her head : ) x

  19. wow looks like you had a great time.
    I saw LLYMLRS too , she looks a lot lot different in real life. she has a much more 'realistic' figure, i thought she was skinny but she looked lovely and curvy !

  20. lovely blog i like to attend big shows its really cool

  21. so weird when alexis was singing everybody is like sitting there.. smiling kinda. I'd be like dancing:p haha. Just to give her some feedback! great singing.

  22. awww everyone looks so content just watching her sing and perform lol. Love your coverage of the LOOK show :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta


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