Gimme, Gimmie #1 River Island


Nails: Topshop
Barry M coral
Barry M lime green 

Today was another lazy one, I did have a load to do but it's been put on hold, plus I have to wait in tomorrow for a package so I'm going to do a major blog read to avoid boredom( non stop excitement). As I had some time I decided to paint my nails (not the best nail art), I used this gorgeous Topshop nail polish which has loads of coloured glitter in it. My outfit today was lazy too, wear my jeans again with my little crop top as I didn't go out I did not see the point in wearing my new dress.

Top: H&M
Top underneath: Camden market
Necklace & Jeans: New look
Shoes: Ebay

I think these wedges are my new best friend, and I love this ring that I got at Brick Lane last year. I am loving everyone's take on the Look show, and I really enjoyed Lara's inside scoop on the show it's amazing how much work went into it so have a read. 


So sorry to go back to it, but I still can't get over the collections from the show I will be including my favourite collections through out the week with my outfits. So I hope you enjoy them. So first up was the River Island collection, I love River Island gone are the days of chav wear and in with fun, colourful chic. These are just some of the pieces that we saw at the show, but check out there videos as the lovely Arieta Mujay talks us through their s/s collection.

So I hope you enjoyed this, I did not want to do a huge post as lots of lovely bloggers already have I just wanted to share my picks with you. Thank you for all your comments and feedback love you lot, this week has been a stressful one.

River Island Spring 2011


  1. I really like the outfit! And i love the nails :)

  2. I loveeee that top, it's gorgeous :) the necklace looks amazing with it

  3. I flipping LOVE this outfit! It is the BEST yet! that top as a skirt is fabulous! xoxo gorgeous xoxo

  4. Wow, awesome nails girlie! and that top underneath (which I thought was a skirt) is especially lovely, looks kinda tie dye/galaxy-esque :) I need to come to london for some shopping, would you take me to brick lane and camden?! show me the sights! :p xx

  5. I'm a real sucker for nail art. They are delish! Glad you had fun at The Look Show xx

  6. LOVE the bird top and the ring, I don't like gypsy night, I thought it was pants xx

  7. OMG the River Island collection looks AMAZING!!

    loving your nails too, they look like space! dark with twinkly stars. something like that anyway!

  8. ahhhhhhhh that TOP! I WANT/NEED it in my life! haha love the color and your layering. You haaave to give us a tutorial on those nails! They look amazing! <3

  9. ur nails look amazing! i need to buy some now :3 and i love ur tie dye top :3

  10. love ur nails! whenever i try painting polka dots on my nails they just look so messy!

  11. I love the nails!! Very cute :)


  12. Nice nail polish i like it !
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  13. Ohhh i've been after a nail polish like that for ages, so good it's from TS too! :D
    I really like the look of the top you have under, again been after some kind of galaxy print for ages too! xo

  14. Loveee what you are wearing here so much.
    Really fresh and ready for Spring (that sounds gay, I know. But you know what I mean!)
    Also love Gypsy Nights by Topshop too, just a good polish for the price.

    Fee x

    Lovely post.

  15. Lovely nails! I love topshop.

  16. i NEED that camden market top - its stunning and looks amazing layered !

  17. I like your blog!:)WOOOOW:)))

    Come on

    Kiss Selenia

  18. love your ring !! cute outfit
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  19. Loving that collection....can't wait for summer

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  20. loving the nails,
    watch me end up copying you in the next week or so ahaha
    I really do like them - deffo gunner have to try them out ;p x

  21. Wowza! LOVING the topshop nail varnish- we need.

    We also adore your necklace- soooo pretty <3

    T & J


  22. Those spotty nails are really impressive!

  23. I know what you mean about River Island; 4-5 years ago, I wouldn't have touched their excessively-rhinestone-encrusted-combat-trouser-combo-look threads in a million years! Now, I think they have some of the best stuff on the high street - especially in their shoe department! x

  24. Love the top and the ring. Looks great together. And awesome nails! I'm following! X

  25. Ahh, your nails are so fun! :)

  26. LOVE YOUR NAILS!!!!!


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