Models Own Review #1 Beth Blue


Nail polish: Models Own Beth Blue & Vintage Pink*

Hey I'm back and have a heap to share with you this week I have been a busy bee, Corben had his first play date and I was invited to the Witch skin care event, so look forward to some great post. So the lovely folks at Models Own asked me to try some of their nail polish,  like most girls you get use to using the same product. I think nail polish is similar to finding your perfect pair of jeans, finding one that meets all your need is not as easy as it seems.

So I was sent Beth Blue which is the first one I tried, and Vintage Pink which I will also be reviewing this week. I have to say that the colours are not what I excepted, but looking at new nail trends I think they are going to be a hit come spring summer. When I opened Beth Blue I noticed that there wasn't much smell at all, which is great as  I can't stand sinking out the room with polish not nice for anyone. 

As I put on the first coat the coverage was instant, and with the second coat my nails were done which means more for your money (which lets face it we all need) I hate when a nail polish is patchy,  but it went on easy and the colour really popped. Beth blue is a purple polish with a blue tint to it, everyone over the weekend has asked me where I got it. I was going to leave it clear as the colour is great on it's own, but my inner hippy screamed add some flowers and I love the result. I think it's perfect to go with my 70's piece's in my wardrobe. I think you could change it up by also teaming it with a darker purple or even a neon colour. 

                                                        (I rushed these a little, but next time I think I'll take my time)

I think I am going to get more Models Own nail polish, as I've had no chips and I love that it goes on so quick and even, you can hardly smell it and they have such a huge selection of colours. I think Beth blue is a great shade for everyday wear and will look great with all the flora's this spring summer. I also need to get myself their nail art pen that they designed with Wah nails, as I have seen a heap of bloggers do some amazing designs with theirs. I still can't believe I haven't been using these already, and speaking to my friends it turns out I'm the only one who hasn't been, so I have mental noted to myself  to ask friends more about their beauty buys.
So I this is the first part and second part will be for Vintage Pink. Thank you for all your comments and I will be back to daily posts this week, I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Models Own polishes are great. I never used them until I won them in their Twitter comp though but I'm now definitely a convert, going to paint my nails purple grey tonight. :)


  2. wow ive never heard of a nail polish with hardly any smell! i need to get myself some more nail polish and thanks for the review ^^

  3. This is a nice sprin time colour :)

    The Flower Girl

  4. Oh I quite like the look of Beth's Blue, not something I'd typically wear but it looks nice against black (:

  5. Ooooh, such pretty nails!
    You have done a super job lady ;)

  6. I've never used Models Own before, I'll have to give them a try. I do like the blue colour and the decorations you added.

  7. It's a lovely colour. I love the designs too.

  8. This colorus really beautiful and your little hipppie flower detail is adorable! Great review xo

  9. that blue is super pretty! definitely adding that to my list of wants :) xo

  10. woow
    nice colors!
    Lovely nails girl <33


  11. This + your last post = GIRL YOU'RE INCREDIBLE AT NAILS. I will personally fly you over to Canada to do mine for me. I'm kidding. I'm half-kidding. If you come to Canada, DO MY NAILS. Yeah. Yeah. YEAH.

    Seriously, so adorable. And this nailpolish sounds fabulous.

  12. Love your nails Laura. I've only got one Models own polish, they're great but I personally think they do smell a bit strange haha! I don't know maybe it's just me then- or just the particular shade that I've got?!

  13. Ooh, that blue colour is absolutely gorgeous :) xo

  14. Mm LOVE that blue and your flowers are adorable! x

  15. I saw this on the website, well done you :) love the colour. I'm wearing MO nude beige at the moment and i love it! xo.

  16. the nail art looks gorgeous!
    ur so talentedd

  17. Wow this is soooo beautiful!!! X

  18. This shade of blue reminds me of Easter.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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