Picture This 3#

1. My mother in laws (well almost) Christmas nails  
2. Corben's funky T-shirt my mum got him 
3.  Bad babysitter magnet 
4. Corben has lunch and makes a little mess 
5. Clippy Makeup bag 
6. Nail polish I have in my bag, well you never know when you will get a clip 
7. I would prefer to bond with baby over coffee, another magnet.

Just a few photos of things that made me laugh and wishing I had cool nail art, Barry's mum always has such cool nail art. Corben has to self feed he is getting more and more fussy about us doing it, so my mum got him a very grown up toddler friendly meal set so he can eat in style. My friend Eve got me a kit when Corben was first born with these magnets in, they still make me laugh and after we all got Corben loads of winter wear, I know what to get him summer stuff Primark has such cute boys stuff at the moment. Anyway just a quick post for today, getting back out again so I will have some more pictures for you soon.


  1. Oh my Corben's food antics cracked me up!

  2. I love those Christmas nails.
    Fun photos.

  3. Great photos!
    Those nails are fab! xx

  4. I love the babysitting and bonding photos...so funny
    That nail art is amazing. I love that wreath!

  5. HAHA love these pictures, have cheered me up. That nail art is immense!

    PS// Topshop Nailpolish Giveaway over at mine :)

  6. Love those nails! Corben is a real cutie!

  7. Hehehee, i laughed at the last photo :D awww, i well miss painting my nails, i must put it on my to do list!

  8. LOOOOOLLL that put a smile on my face


  9. One of the guests at the place I work had similar nails to those, they look great!

  10. what a fun set of photos!

    your son is so adorbs, that photo could be a card-haha!

    thanks for visiting LadyFlashback.com, ive added your blog to my 'roll call' list and if you dig what you see over on LadyFlashback.com - could you do the same ??

    thanks && happy 2011

    jess s//

  11. Love your MIL's nails - amazing and as for that baby of yours...:O haha love it!

    Great pic luvvie.

    Fee x

  12. That baby photo is hilarious!!

    Gorgeous outfits, darling! Been scrolling through your blog for awhile.


  13. i love your mother in laws nails!! and the babysitter poster made me laugh XD

    happy new year ^^

  14. Oh goodness, Corben is the cutest! He has made such a mess haha!! He looks so surprised in the photo, as if you caught him up to no good! haha.

    Love your mother in law's nails, so festive!


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