Purple Haze

Jacket & Headband : Primark
Top: Tesco :)
Jeggings: Tesco
Shoes & Necklace : EBay
Bag: gift (Matalan)

As you may have guessed I am a recovering shopaholic and have cut it down a lot ! I use to buy something every week and still have the overflow of clothing and other stuff to show for my mad spending (all of which I'm  now bored of), so like I said EBay is the way. I want to refresh my wardrobe, but not in a ' I need every trend and colour going' much more if I really, really love it and it's still there in a week or two I will get it.

The sale is always a tough time for me, I have to be strong but as it's my birthday next week I decided that I would treat myself to just a couple of things, and no more. So with the rush of excitement of everyone having one I was bound to have plenty of choice, but it all seemed to fall short ...of anything!? This for me was a first, 'Laura not buying anything in the sale' my friends would assume I had been cloned and run for the hills. 

So when I was doing my weekly shop at Tesco something jumped out at me, this vintage looking purple top. I am currently addicted to this shade of purple (part of my new found love of block colour), so I began to weigh it up ''but will I really wear it'' and it was an instant yes than I saw the price £5 !!! I pushed my buggy to the till, top in hand like I was doing a track for Top Gear and I have already planned five outfits I am going to wear it with. I am even going to wear it over some dresses that I was going to get rid of, so I think it is an epic bargain. 

This is what it look's like minus jacket. Rediscovered these shoes at the back of my wardrobe that I got off Ebay ages ago, I got three pairs for about £2 including the postage. I love that they go with everything, I'm trying to wear what I have and just wear things without obsessing about them getting damaged or what's the point of buying something, I'm not running a museum.

Can't stop listening to Hendrix and Bowie in a 70's mood,  so I think I will be able to get on board with the 70's S/S trend. I noticed other bloggers posted pictures of their parents in the 70's, I must post some of my mum she had wicked dress sense ....I think she left it there too bless her. So I am feeling the head band and really want to get a big floppy hat, I know I won't look cool but I can't risk burning again this year my face got toasted last year and that was with cream on. What's the best bargain you have ever had?
Also it was Missis G birthday so go wish her well, she is such a sweetheart :)


  1. i love love love your outfit!!! sooo cute!!


  2. You always wear the cutest outfits. Wish I was as fashionalbe as you are. Don't worry hun, I'm a shopahoic too. Trying to cut down as well. :)

  3. This is a great bargain! :) I would love to post my mom's stuff but she's all the way in Asia! :(

    You look great! I do love that top. I have a similar one in gray!

    That bag is adorable! I like how it looks so shabby chic! <3

  4. I really adore your shoes, they are just gorgeous.

  5. I love your style. I would never be able to pull off half of what you wear but it looks amazing on you. I love that purple top, especially those sleeves.
    I am also very jealous that there is no snow on the ground in the pictures...hate snow!

  6. omg, love the top! it looks gorgeous both with and without the jacket!

  7. Your outfits are always so lovely!

    Those shoes are an amazing bargain ;)

    In response to your comment, we don't have Barry M in Australia it totally sucks. I would if I could!

  8. looks great and i love the way you styled it with those shoes. £2 really?

  9. I must say that I really love this, I've been looking all over eBay for this jacket (I missed it when it was in Primark) and I just love how you've styled it! The lovely purple top makes the tweed(?) in the jacket really pop, and the necklace is amazing.
    I wish I had the willpower to stop buying things, I should really try.

  10. Wow, LOVE that bag - I want!

    Also HELLO - found you through MissesG's FF on twitter today :)

    @emma_tweetz xx

  11. Really like those jeggings! They look like a Topshop find. I never think to look in Tesco for clothes, may have to start! xo

  12. Lovely outfit. I love the shape and colour of the top and it was a great price!


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