I Am The Hunter

 Jacket: Boohoo
Jumper: Mums old one (she was going to throw)
Snood: knitted top I just wear as a snood
Jeggings: Tesco
Boots: Primark
Bag: Matalan

It seems unless something is in trend you won't be able to buy it !! So this is where vintage and charity shops MUST come in, I am on the hunt for a oversized blazer. Topshop have them in brown and white and although they are really cool and the right cut I want a bright one, either a hot pink, powerful purple or a midnight blue. So I will be hunting one down. It is annoying when all shops seem to produce the same thing,  no one seems to take a chance on a different colour palette the cut is there but the colours seem a little bla.

This was yesterdays outfit, I have a sudden passion for everything being in block colours, I think after seeing all the spring summer collections I decided I needed it now. As I got dressed I found a huge heap of stuff I was going to get rid of, I was in a different mind set but now I feel inspired and I had my 'this is how I want to dress' vision I think we all get those. Owww don't forget to enter my giveaway the last day for it is the 22nd January.

Things That I Rediscovery 

The Library, not only is it free (apart from books being overdue) library's offer books, DVDs, and some have events for grown ups and children. I signed up Corben (my son) to the library at 6 months, it was the first time in about 6 years I had been in one. I have never been a huge book reader, I am dyslexic and so it can be a very frustrating experience reading a book cover to cover. There is so much more to a library it can be a place to just be still and quiet, I use to love to people watch when I was young and draw people. London for me can get a bit much, so the library is a great place to take my son and have some time. I found lots of design and art books that I was going to buy ages ago. Library's have come a long way they have books for almost everything, I will do a post on some I have at the moment they would be really useful for anyone doing fashion, fashion history, art and design and great kids books ....Plus I even picked up some pretty cool cook books , so more ' Can't cook take a look' posts coming soon. 

The Museum, so I have ALWAYS been a huge museum geek I love them art gallery's aside (I love them even more), museums are great and there are so many in London we are really lucky. So I was more than a little shocked when chatting with a friend about the V&A, not only could I not remember the last time I was there but when I started thinking about the last museum I went to was before Corben was born !!! Yep I really am that sad that this upsets me, I love history and invention and the space in some of them. So I have requested that for my birthday I want to go to the science museum ...and inner nerd spills out. 

So museum hit list will go (so breaking my no list rule :P)
  • Science Museum / for my birthday ....I'm such a big kid.
  • British Museum or The V&A
  • Imperial war Museum

I think if I can just get to these I will well and truly get my museum fix down, yes I am a history junkie. So I will try and keep you updated, thank you for all your wonderful comments. Have You rediscover anything lately?


  1. I rediscovered books, and I might start painting again, I do love it and I'm quite good....hmmm. Xxxxx

  2. So cool that you can wear a top as a snood! Love the bright colour too!

  3. love the pop of color from the scarf!

  4. I love love love going to the museum! And I have recently rediscovered my love for Micheal Jackson's music...I can't even pick a favorite song, they're all great!

    It's interesting that you've been trending towards color block lately, it's a look I always love! I have just started to get into pattern after what seems like years of being scared of it...

  5. Oh yeah...and I recently rediscovered ballet after a very long break...

  6. Love how that snood bring color to the outfit!

    I must go to my local library to,I just love reading but I never have time for it!



  8. I've rediscovered reading. LOL! might sound weird but yeah, books books books. Im loving block colours atm too, a bright blazer would be amazing, i think navy ones look nice with a bright top and something?

  9. Great outfit post! The bright colour goes so well! xx

  10. I spend far too much time in libraries..yup, plural!

  11. I have never heard the word snood. Does that mean scarf or is it a special kind of scarf? Either way that hot pink snood looks great on you!
    I like the library but I am horrible at returning items so I end up paying more in library fines than I would if I had just bought the book.

  12. Hey Law! I gave you an award on my page. :)

    I rediscovered my love for sewing. I'm beginning to do so again and I'm thinking of venturing into knitting sometime soon! <3

    The scarf is lovely! :)


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