Vero Moda Launch @ Oxford Street

Blazer: Tesco
Demin shirt: Tesco
Zip skirt: Topshop
Pumps: Topshop
Necklace: Primark
Belt: Vintage

So First of all Happy 18TH Birthday to the lovely Caroline over at Ergy Erg. Also it was Winnie's birthday too at Diamond Canopy this week as well so go leave some love for them. So Thursday saw the launch of the new Vero Moda store, I was lucky enough to win one of their many TWITTER prizes of a gold bag. The gold bag meant that on the day of the launch I could select a free outfit,this could include either a top or dress, with a bottom and outerwear. So I was more than over the moon, as you know things have been tough for me at the moment. So it was great to go to a fun event, and even better that I would be getting a whole free outfit. 

So the launch was a amazing there were hunky guys handing out sweeties and they had a DJ banging out some tunes. I was so impressed at the staff, not only were they helpful the shop floor recover was quick so the store was pretty tidy (it was mental, so many people). My aunt had come from Kent to see my mother and stay with me, she come to the launch and bagged a sliver bag outside the store. Which meant she could buy one, get one free ( you got the cheapest free), so she was really pleased.  

A lot had already gone, so the stuff that was on my list got scrapped. I did get three fab things, the first is this killer biker jacket. The second are these great shorts that look like a skirt and the last thing was this gorgeous dress (very Lanvin style) which I'm going to wear for any parties around Christmas. also meet a couple of people off twitter and blogspot, the lovely Kellie (Big Fashionista) who has this amazing blog.

The lovely ladies handing out the Vero Moda post, full of inspiring outfits and all the excitement happening in store. I am loving there Vero Moda avatar jackets too. There were huge balloons that popped and released loads of sliver tickets with buy one get one free. You can currently buy Vero Moda online UK at ASOS .com, they also have a facebook page and their own blog. 

They will be launching the UK online store soon. It was a great day I also went to H&M to see the brand new home collection up and close, so will show you in my next blog post. Thank you for all your feedback and welcome to new followers, you lot blow my mind. Thank you my darlings you are the best, need to catch up with all your new post's. Sorry that I am here and there, I have a heap going on, so I will try and keep this current and get back to you. If you have any questions please email me, as I can get back to you the some day. Anyway thank you again and hope you all had a great weekend.

Carry dress:£70


  1. This store looks amazing, I must say that I hadn't really heard of them until you posted about them recently, and I am actually in love with a lot of their pieces. It seems like you had an amazing day and the store looks great. I can't wait for the online store and possibly new stores around the York area ;)

    I am now going to browse your lovely link to the VM ASOS stuff.
    Take care!

  2. wow!
    the shops or london are very amazing! and the dress and jacket is precious!!

    Thank U for the another post in my blog ;)

    Be a family rocker is the best hehe ^^

    Sorry for my english!!-_-

    One kiss

  3. Aww that's amazing you got to pick a whole free outfit, the pieces you chose are fantastic :D xxxx

  4. Looks like a fab launch and you got a great outfit! Next time I'm in London, I'm going to try to check it out! xx

  5. Oh... looks like a good day out and I love the aviator jackets and that b*w chunky cardi!

    Great pics too.

    - thanks for my comments- glad I stayed in (kinda) ;) x

  6. great finds! must have been awesome to get a free outfit. :)

  7. the shop looks amazing! i wanna shop there!

  8. vero moda is my FAAVOURITE brand of clothing. everything about it is so beautiful. haha. im obsessed.. anyway..

    to yoru comment :) .. you can get a free mac lipstick if you give in 7 empty containers! im pretty sure every mac store does that but just call your local mac to make sure :)

  9. Its all so gorgeous!
    I am so jealous of you!
    How on earth did you even get invited to this let alone win an amazing gold bag?? :)
    Next time please invite us! Especially me :P
    I would die to go to something like that!!
    Thanks for the comment btw, I would rather be truthful :) <3

  10. Awww thanks for the birthday shout out! The Vero Moda store looks so great. The Birmingham store needs a revamp now I think haha. I need to pop in some time and have a look at all their new stuff. I love your picks too, the shorts are so fab and so is that stunning dress! What a great party dress for Xmas!!

  11. that first picture is amazing! and this is really really making me want to go to london - right now, haha. :D

    <3, Mimi

  12. Wow, I love your picks. The shorts and the dress is something I would wear! Love love!

  13. Great post! I'm loving the stuff, what a nice store!

    Stay gorgeous!

  14. That leather jacket is too cool! I've been looking for a leather biker jacket for awhile now. And to answer your question, I would get any color Doc Martens. They're my favorite brand of boots.

  15. it sounds and looks amazing! i would love to go to a store opening andf i love what u bought especially the dress!

  16. I like this site^-^


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