H&M Homeware Collection 2010


So if you read this post you will have seen some of this collection, and you all loved it. Well now H&M have it within a store near you I hope, you can still order it online if you don't have one. So on the Thursday when I went to the launch of Vero Moda at Oxford Circus, I could not resist going into see the new refit on the H&M Oxford Street store. It looks amazing, has anyone else seen it yet?  The displays are lush and the clothing is set out in this new open clean interior. I could only get a few pictures, and I could not photography in store as I did not have permission (you know me, I'm not cheeky). So after picking up some 'must Have' clothing, I just got them because I liked them ...I headed up to the home ware selection. 

When you go into shop from the homeware selection you are met with a wall full of magnets, you take your magnet shopping trolley (a huge magnet with a shopping trolley picture on it) you shop the pictures of the collection, than hand it to a sales advisor and they grab it all for you could it be any easier I think not. I love the item of the magnets because you can see and arrange your items, they also have the homeware display out so you can really see what you are getting. I got a huge towel while I was there which was only £2:99, which I think is stylish and well priced. Anyway here are some of the window displays and pictures from there home ware booklet. Grazia also did an great feature on it and had these cool images below, check it out:

Images: Grazia


  1. Homeware Collection? Talk about expanding! YES YES YES! :)

    It's lovely! I should visit H$M and see what they've got! :)

  2. your dress looks lovely! i haven't been to oxford street for ages, so i haven't seen any of the stuff yet, but the ones you've selected look pretty good (:


  3. I have the towel. I use it as a decoration rather than a towel cos it's so pretty. :) And bargainous at £2.99.

    Love the PU shift dress! x

  4. love H&M homeware wish it would come down here! I might order online though :) xx

  5. Oh how I wish I could pay a visit to the homeware store, it looks so amazing!

    I'm loving those cushion covers from the Christmas collection in the first image! xo

  6. WOW!! Love the homeware stuff from H&M!!! :)) Too bad it won't come in my country...I'm sure of that... :/
    Yes, do post the pictures of the stuff you bought, can't wait to see it!! :))
    Oh and I must say I LOVE that dress, ever since I've seen it on some girl I've wanted one just like it!!! Weeeeh! ;(( But I'm glad u have it, dear!!! :)) xoxo

  7. That heart blouse is fantastic!

  8. I really love that heart blouse!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog - and I love the leggings too, hope they fit!

    I completely love the 'Once Upon A Time' pillowcase from H&M - can't wait to have a looky.


  10. Great post - love the new homeware range, esp the shower & the Christmas things!

    All very lovely.

    Fee x


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