GHD Got Me Sold ...ish

I just have to share this advert with you, you may have seen it but if you have not check it out. I have always been on the fence about GHD's people love/hate them love what they can do hate the price. I am thinking of getting a pair, but I would love to hear what you think of them girls and guys? By the way do you love this advert too ...did it make you want a pair or am I a tad sad. Don't answer the sad part I know already. They do have a great range from one's for thick and short hair to the new midnight over all styler.

This is the midnight colletion, it's £149:00 with free delivery and I do need a new hair dyer ? I love the song with it, modern day fairy tale. I love how she pass the prince by, you go girl.Thank you for all your amazing comments, you make my day.

GHD Cinderella "Stroke of Midnight" was shot in Prague by Believe Media London, Floria Sigismondi was directing. DoP: Simon Chaudoir. Production designer: Pavel Ramplé, 

Price includes:

  • The sleek new ghd Gold Classic styler
  • Limited edition travel hair dryer
  • Exclusive styler pouch with heat resistant roll mat
  • Treasure chest case
  • Baroque travel mirror
  • Two ghd sectioning clips
  • Free UK next day delivery

Product features:

Buy with confidence

  • Guarantee: 2-years
  • Payments: Fully secure
  • Authenticity: Guaranteed
  • plus the free delivery.

Do you have GHD? Or what do you use?


  1. Love that advert. GHDs fry my hair but I love the packaging on this. <3 x

  2. oooh my gosh sooo brilliant i love this advert its really great unfortunately i dont have a ghd but i really want to have one *_*


  3. That looks amazing!! All my friends have one and they love it. Now, seeing this picture, I want one too!!

  4. there is no better alternative to ghd!! they do everrthying! i want this set
    rianna xxxxx

  5. i LOVE ghds, my hair is completely uncontrollable without them and no other straightner is able to tame it quite as good!
    perfect for creating curls or straightening, do it def one of my best investments!x

  6. lovely blog you have here! keep up the good work!


  7. love he advert too! I have a pair of GHD's and they really are the best straightners around, yes they are expencive, but definately worth their money!
    courtney xx

  8. I have some GHDs and they do a good job but I'm sure there are more brands out there that do just as good a job! I don't think the price tag is worth it.

  9. I adore ghd's adverts. If i had the desire to straighten my hair (my hair's naturally really straight) i'd go to them
    x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

  10. oh! thank u for following me! and thank u for that nice thing you said about my blog.

    I didn't see the shoes... I'll look for them.

    Visit my blog to see the pictures I took last suday at Mtv Day in Madrid, I hope u like it ;)


  11. The advert is great! I love the midnight collection too it makes me want to buy some too :)

  12. i've never heard of ghd. but i think if its real ceramic then go for it. the packaging is so cute also and it comes with all that stuff!

    that advert was amazing. the costume and the makeup was so beautiful!

  13. I love this advert :)
    I have a different limited edition pair of GHDs... The hair dryer that comes with it isn't powerful at all, but the starighteners themselves are :)


  14. i love your header!

  15. I love the new advert <3
    I've been using ghds for about 6/7 years now and still have the same pair, and use them almost everyday, so they're worth the investment as they'll last and they're still in good working condition. Plus that set looks pretty good :) hope the opinion helps ha!
    Much Love,
    Fantastical Fashion x x

  16. Just got a ghd a couple of months ago, love it!


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