Lanvin For H&M ... OMG ! My Picks

Look how gorgeous does Jamie Winstone look in this Lanvin H&M prom dress, I really love this collection but I have a feeling that half of it will be gone to the 'A LIST' crowd before any of us working folk will even have a sniff. Which I never get because they can wear (and afford) the real deal, so I think it is great of the high street stores to do these collections but maybe 'A LIST' celebrates will consider that people on a budget (usually their fan's) it's a once in a life time to own something amazing. I doubt that they will, I don't blame H&M but it is frustrating. What do you think?

Anyway I love this collection, it's a shame they don't carry larger sizes for all women. They do have bags, lippy, necklaces and these fab shoes, but maybe with future collections they will do a full size range. Sorry for the moan, but I have a mate who was going to get some than found out they don't make her size .... she was gutted :( but a lot of store's still need to work on this. Anyway I'm sure you will love this too, this is not all of it. Just the pieces I adored !

This is what Glamour magazine have said about the collection:
'Lanvin lovers who don't quite have the budget for the fashion house's catwalk creations are in for a treat: there's a new collaboration with H&M in the pipeline and it's set to launch at the end of this month! There are perfect party dresses and quirky accessories galore, and we've picked out the best bits to lust after before the full collection hits stores on November 23. Get ready for a fashion riot..'

Lanvin for H&M Navy Dress, £99.99

Lanvin for H&M Dress, £99.99
This is my favourite, it is too amazing for words !!!

Lanvin for H&M Pearl Necklace, £34.99

Lanvin for H&M Corsage Bag, £29.99

Lanvin for H&M Bow Pumps, £69.99

Lanvin for H&M Floral Dress, £99.99

Lanvin for H&M Ruffle Dress, £79.99

Lanvin for H&M Pink Dress, £99.99

Lanvin for H&M Blazer, £69.99

Lanvin for H&M Yellow Dress, £99.99
Lanvin for H&M Prom Dress, £149.99

Lanvin for H&M Red Dress, £99.99
Lanvin for H&M Leather Gloves, £29.99

Lanvin for H&M Leopard Clutch, £24.99
Images: H&M, Glamour Magazine


  1. those dresses are so pretty. i love the red and yellow ones.

  2. I really like the clutches and the bow pumps. I wont be buying any because the closest H&M is 4 hour away.

  3. I love the look of it. Especially that yellow one shouldered ruffle dress...but in the black but unfortunately I have nothing to wear it to, it's a bit too dressy!

    Loving some of their t-shirts too. So I'll be having a look but not sure if I will definitely be buying anything :) Love the collection though.

  4. This collection is crazy amazing!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. omg, these pieces are SUPER amazing!!!

  6. I love the yellow and the shoes!! xx

  7. I love that first one, so big and poofy! xxx

  8. I SO WANT the gloves!!! I NEED it!

  9. Hey Hun,

    If you have a chance, please check out my 'Dare to Wear' challenge for AIDS Charity. For everyone who recreates a look posted on my blog, my parents and I will donate money to The Stephen Lewis Foundation.
    You can check it out here:


  10. I like them all, but the first dress you have showed is my favourite!!

  11. oh! I like the collection!! Those shoes are amazing!

  12. I love the entire collection - my favourite is the grey prom dress. I'll definitely be saving up to buy something. After all, it is Lanvin on a budget :)

  13. i have seen the menswear, feel so so about it but look forward to seeing it in person cos it does look real intersting. be interesting to see what the fabrics are like too

  14. I love all the dresses!! what a great collab

  15. I am definitely digging your blog. I love the photos!

  16. OMG Lanvin is amazing! The rugged black one, I like!

    Law, my photos are in a previous post. It's called "My Induction to Marriage" :)


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