Bijou Bijoux Got Me Loving Headbands

Headband: Bijou Bijoux
Eye shadow: Sleek 'acid ' eye shadow
Wearing my new feathered headband

So as you have seen I am not really a headband wearer any more, that was until the lovely Alice from Bijou Bijoux sent me this 'Snow white and rose red' one. I love that this design is simple and could be worn everyday. Sometimes I have seen some that look like you could live in them, not good. Bijou Bijoux is handmade too, which I am really getting into at the moment. I do love primark and H&M but when everyone has it, it gets boring. I am totally in love with her necklaces collection too which range from cameras to little tea pots, and scrolls in a bottle. 

Do you like headbands?
So as this one ties at the back, I started to play around with it and I do this with a lot of stuff. In the past I have worn a necklace as a headband and a knitted top as a scarf ...why not.

So as a bracelet .....

As a necklace (I really love this)

With a up do ....

I was thinking as a bag charm but I know it would get badly damaged, so just stick with the above. You can check out Alice's wonderful shop. So thank you again Alice for sending me this, it has got me back into headbands and I will be wearing it for the festive season. It has been mad lately, my mother is a little better but still in hospital .... thank you again for all your lovely comments for her. So as me and Barry could not really do anything for Halloween, I didn't get dress up. I did wear my Razor blade (hell bunny) dress as a skirt, I got it ages ago and it's very Halloween. Oh BTW me and Barry will be doing a new photo shoot some stay tuned, he has a blog 'The Canon Kid' so if you are into photography and need some advice he is more than happy to help.


  1. hot headband! and its very flexible too!

  2. What a beautiful headband! I love wearing pieces like this too, feathered pieces dont last long at my house though with my three cats. Even if I hide them they manage to get them come how... lol

    I am glad your mum is doing better, im sorry shes still in the hospital. All my warmest wishes and thoughts.

  3. Love love love that headband! Ug omg Where did you find that beauty? Lol Great post, lovely pictures. :] xxx

  4. You look so cute! I love that headband/bracelet/necklace (lol) from Alice's shop. Glad to hear your mom is a little better.

  5. this headband looks great and really cool how you used it in such many different ways.. gosh my english is so lame xD
    i like it too when something is handmade and unique =D i feel always as if i were special because i have something not everyone has xDD
    good that you mother feels better =D
    and you post was not lame! so you don't have to apologize ;)


  6. I love that red headband, I want one!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. hey girl this head band is amazing. I love hair accessories especially in the summer! xxxxxxxx

  8. Fabulous post; I hadn't even thought about it being a necklace either!

    Best wishes to your mum


  9. woooow...

    love your make!!! <3

    great bojoux*

    Ivânia Diamond*

    - Look my new collection (shirts)*

  10. Oooo, I love the hairband, like the Cygnus one too. I'm wearing one today, but its boring black plastic. This post has inspired me to seek out more adventurous headwear! xx

  11. Thank you my lovely, haha no not the post is lame me trying to look elegant is lame (the one at the bottom) not good. I loved doing this post, it's always good fun trying new stuff.

  12. Beautiful headband. I really like it as a necklace, too!

    Glad your mum is doing better x


  13. wow - i love the eye-shadow and headband! i could never pull it off.

  14. totally love the bug feather headband been looking for one for ages! xx

  15. Oooh the headband is really pretty! I love the make up too. Really bright and fun :)

    Also yes try a Woopie pie but they're not quite as good as cupcakes!

  16. I havent worn a headband since I was about 6 or 7! It's not cos I'm not a fan but I just havent really come across any whilst I've been shopping and it's not something you see many people wearing. It looks great on you so I might order a few online - from what I remember they're handy for keeping your hair out of your face!

    Oh and I love your eye makeup - the colours are gorgeous and suit you perfectly :)

  17. Oh I do love versatile accessories! The feathers are such a nice colour. They look great with your dark hair. Your make-up is really nice too. ;D


  18. I absolutely love that headband :) I can't wear them round my head like in your first photo without feeling like a total peanut head, but I will definitely try that kind of headband with an up do now... thanks for that!! x

  19. oh thank you my dears, got a great makeup post coming up this week ;P


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