Picture This

            Rings from L-R ball ring ASDA, stud ring Claire's,Zebra ring H&;M, 
                  black ring Primark, Leopard ring H&M, silver promise ring Crazy Pig.
                 Nail Polish Barry M, Mint green 

So Barry final emailed me these photo's he took on our day out together, these are from last month! Yeah I know that is time ago, but I loved them so much I had to share them with you, it was a great day out and I loved going in Lush and smelling everything reminder me of when I was working in Regent st back in the day.Plus I got my flying hat, which I am still yet to show you from H&M. Maybe I will take some pictures this weekend, as it is so cute. We had such a great day and also went to China town, were I got some bits and bobs. Sorry these are from way back, but I hope you enjoy them! Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and feedback.I have mine photos that I took from this day, that I may post tomorrow if you like these?

 Lush @ Covent Garden

 Top: ASOS
Jeggings: Topshop
Sandals: New Look
Bag: Primark

 China town

Bracelets: Thrifed, charity shop ..?! I think


  1. Love the leopard ring! Awesome!!

  2. wooow!

    LOVE the color nails, de rings...

    LOve Coca Cola!!

    nice post <3

  3. Love your rings, they are all yummy :) AMAZING photos

  4. Aww, first of all thanks for the photoshop post, t'was sweet and i'm glad you like them :D

    Anyway, i really want to go visit China Town now, the shop with all those lanterns looks wonderful!
    Your bracelets in the last photo are right cool too ;)

  5. I love your jewellery and your outfit, and great photos too, well done Barry! im coming home from uni for a few days and this post is building on my anticipation, the the fist thing Im going to do is go to Oxford street and try to assemble some sort of out fit for halloween :)


  6. great jewellery and love your colour nailpolish!I like your blog, what do you think of following each other? xx

  7. Different life, different city, same me -

    After a long summer hiatus I am back and blogging. Expect more wacky face painting, luminously iced cakes and general slightlynoodles-ness!

    Please drop by for a spot of tea,
    Yours truly,
    Slightlynoodles Esq.

  8. OMG
    Lovely <3
    On danish
    sikke nogle dejlige billeder <3

  9. love these pictures, especially the one with the coke bottle. i love chunky ring and all of yours are so cool
    i also really like your outfit in these pics.

  10. ur so beautiful and i love your 2nd photo ^^ u have great rings and jewellery :3

  11. The coke bottle picture is amazing!!

  12. LOVE ur cross & leather bracelet!! i want one!!

  13. Love the rings, and the picture quality is fab. Inspired me to buy more animal print and striped tops xx

  14. Of course, I like these pictures!:D Thanks for sharing and I'm like you, I love smelling everything(and taking pictures -- they don't allow it but I always do) at Lush.:D

    I want that huge black ring of yours.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. ohmigash hun! the rings! i love it! its gorgeous! i love the leopard ring the most! --. and that vinatge car is hot!

  16. ohmigash hun! the rings! i love it! its gorgeous! i love the leopard ring the most! --. and that vinatge car is hot!

  17. Why do you have the best colours of nail polish? why??! thanks for putting the colour&brand info in your post.

    love the rings and the pics are really neat, how the focus is on your rings and the rest is fuzzy.

  18. Those rings are heaven!

    Have you seen the rings by Galibardy? Gorgeous!

  19. Finally got my iternet back!! Missed your blog! :)) I love the first picture, I am hypnotised when I see so many rings and a beautiful nail polish on women's hands!! A dream!!
    You look beautiful by the way! :))

  20. love the leopard ring and woah those bracelets are amazing!! xx

  21. Beautiful pictures - I particularly love the coke bottle one and the one of you in China Town! Great taste in rings as well - I've got the massive black and gold one as well! xx

  22. I adore all your rings and your bracelets, you totally rock them. Loving all your photos.

  23. Love your accessories!! So cute!!
    You take beautiful photos.

    Love Nana


  24. wow - love your rings and the collection of photos - especially the one with the coke bottle ;)

  25. i think your bf has a very good camera, these images have came out so well. what does he use?

    you look great and the rings are wicked. which pub are you in?

  26. My boyfriend does have a great camera, but also knows how to use :) Canon 1D Mark 2 with Canon 24-70L he would be more than happy to talk to you, he loves a good camera convo. http://www.myspace.com/barryleanphotography

    There is a link at the bottom of the blog. Thank you for the comment's, he was glad you like his work.

  27. oh i LOVE your photos in this post. you look totally gorge in them x


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