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So I was lucky enough to came across Anna Hickman-Evans, who is the very cool quirky designer behind the magical Maggie Angus website. The latest collection feature's shoes and handbags as featured above, I love that Anna has used items that every girl and women has. That most of use are addicted to I think the title 'never enough' is more than adapt. She was kind enough to give me a interview to share with you lot, so here is just a little information about Anne's website 'Maggie Angus'
'Maggie Angus is an exciting new jewellery and design label by Anna Hickman-Evans, creating deliciously fun, bright and funky acrylic pieces for all mischievous fashionistas. Anna's unique designs are based upon her illustrations of childlike interests, weird and wonderful vintage finds, a sparkle of glamour plus a good dollop of humour.
The name Maggie Angus plays homage to her late Scottish Grandmother who was an avid jewellery junkie. Having inherited her collection, Anna’s jewellery box and addiction to unusual accessories grew as did her passion for creating her own pieces.
Anna studied Art and Design for many years and it was after working in London with many big brands at ELLE and Red magazines that Anna fully established Maggie Angus in early 2010 with a bang.'

So here is my interview with Anna:

What is your favourite piece from your current 2010 collection?

My favourite piece from my current collection is the 'Pile of Shoes' Necklace 9at the top of this page)because it features illustrations of my favourite shoes and I get to wear all of them at the same time. As I'm a true shoe lover, it's a daily trial I go through - like many women - as to which pair I put on! I also have got loads of compliments when I wear this piece as I suppose it's pretty quirky.

How did your Grandmother inspire you?

My Grandmother was so demure. She'd always wear a cute little Chanel-esque suit and have amazing shoes on, so in my eyes she was my number one style icon. She used to buy Vogue and Harper's every month and pass them on to me and I treated them like they were made of gold, but the best thing though was her jewellery collection. My Grandfather used to travel a lot with work and go to some very exotic places in the 1950s especially. He used to bring back amazing pieces of jewellery for my Grandmother, some of which you'd never wear as they were huge - more like a Mayor's chain - but they were all so unique. This definitely fuelled my love of jewellery as it was like my Grandma had her own museum of jewellery in her own treasure troves. When she died I got a lot of her jewellery and I still find it inspiring!

Do you have a favourite piece out of the jewellery she left you? 

In the same way that women don't want to leave the house without their lipstick on, my Grandma always wanted to wear a brooch or pin. My favourite was actually a 1910 cravat pin she used to wear on her coat. It was a really cool gold pin with a bold thistle at one end made of purple amethyst as the flower blossomI think that this for her was a symbol of her staunch love of Scotland and her heritage. She was a good, strong Glaswegian that you didn't mess with!

What trend do you love at the moment? 

I'm loving the rather sexy and raunchy Autumn/Winter love affair with lashings of leopard print, foxy pencil skirts and lace. No one does it better than Dolce & Gabbana and I'd kill for these Balmain Leopard Boots  Balmain leopard boot, £940, available from Harvey Nichols, 

If you could only wear one accessory, what would it be?

Definitely a necklace - I feel bare without one. I think a great necklace really makes an outfit.

What's the one trend you could never bare to wear? 

I think I could never wear combat trousers. The crime they do to thighs!

What can we except for 2011?

In 2011 you can expect to see more necklaces and bracelets with quirky little acrylic charms on. My next collection - available in February will be called 'Passing Time' and focuses on relaxing on a hot summer's day. There's nothing more beautiful than lying in a field with friends listening to nature as the sun comes down, feasting on delicious scones and jam, little sandwiches and get stuck into some delicious refreshing wine. 

Who would you love to see wearing your jewellery?

I would love Fearne Cotton to wear my jewellery as she is fun, quirky in her style, likes to look girly with an edge and I know she loves her accessories.

What's the best advise you could give to an aspiring jewellery designer?

My advice is that you have to like making jewellery for yourself first and foremost. I never had formal training I've just always loved making things to wear and have bought books, studied how things have been put together and immersed myself in constantly learning new techniques. You also have to trust your own imagination and taste when designing pieces as you have to be able to sell them with conviction. I also can't stress how much you need to brush up on business skills. In this day and age, there are millions of jewellery designers so you really have to get yourself out there, be professional and project how passionate you are about what you are doing. 

Anna Hickman-Evans

So here are my picks from the website, I just love the vintage bottles and you know I am a huge fan of Leopard print and red together. So add these to your Christmas list, or why not treat mum, sister or your best friend or girlfriend to something for Christmas. 





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