So this is my current favourite thing in my wardrobe, and I think I have worn it every way possible I just love my Little Black Dress. I layered it as it is so freaking cold, I wore my denim shirt dress under it and than popped on my cardigan. I also was in a statement necklace kinda mood, so I grabbed my fave chunky blue jewel one. Anyway thank you so much for all your wonderful comment and support lot are so sweet (glad that the Helping hand posts are helping, always good).

  Dress: H&M 
Denim dress shirt: worn underneath Tesco
Shoes: H&M
Cardigan: Tesco
Jacket: Primark
 Bag: Topshop
 Necklace: New Look

So my mother has been able to come home which is amazing, so things are getting better ...thank you for all the lovely comments my mum was gob smacked that people sent messages. So we headed to my favourite coffee shop and on the way I saw a nice piece by Banksy, so I photographed it to death they came out okay but it was dark and my flash is not great. 

So do you consider graffiti an art form?

Anyway I love that he has created this piece or the side wall of the cafe where I use to stuff my face after my nights out. The cafe put this over the piece as it must have increased the valve of their place, which is great because no one can come along and spray some shitty tag over it. It must be annoying for a true graffiti artist, to have some foolish person came spray some half arsed tag over there work. Keep up the great work Banksy, I hope the kids in this area will be inspired by you and create something worth looking at ...than just making walls look even worse. So hope your week is going well almost over ....bring on the weekend.

Art piece by Banksy ..images: By me.


  1. Really nice outfit! So glad to hear everything's getting a bit better now :) xxxxx

  2. graffiti is definitely art! u look great hun!

  3. Good to hear your mom's doing better:)

    I love the colours in your outfit the bright blues and the black. The dress is your favourite, but mine is the way the cardigan and jacket work together. it looks like a jacket with really funky sleeves!

    ~Em K

    smashing outfit!

  4. Hey Hun,

    So glad to hear your mom is better and was able to come home.
    You look amazing in that outfit and I am uber jealous of that ring. I make big fun rings so the next time I go into one of my making modes, I will message you for your mailing info and send you one.

  5. Very high street outfit! and love the artwork [it's just gorgeous]!

  6. I love that dress and the statement necklace works so well! I'm not a fan of Banksy even though he is from my neck of the woods, they are everywhere (there is one near my house) and i'ts borrring, nothing original and can be done again and again.xx

  7. pretty color combo. blue and black!
    Love it, esp yr handbag!
    love snake skin:)) Have a wonderful day.

  8. Thanks for your comment, I like your blog!

    I did make all the things in the suitcase yep, and I don't sell online yet but I'm setting myself up to do so verrrrry soon (ie. before Christmas!) so keep your eyes peeled!!


  9. love your necklace!

    and yay streetart!

  10. everything about this is WOW - especially the jacket!!!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  11. Beautiful outfit! I love your lizard ring!

  12. I love the collar area: denim shirt, dress, amazing necklace... it looks great!


  13. Oh I love this!

    Also, so glad your mum is doing better, thats great news :)

  14. Love this on you, looks really good. So pleased to hear that your Mum is allowed home. I hope she's ok. :)

  15. Ooh, nice! You are rocking millions of trends and looking great! And I love Banksy.. well spotted! I once saw a piece in Mexico that really looked like his style, but I wasn't sure if he'd ever been to Mexico..

  16. that is one find leather dress going on, looks really nice on you. also liked the headband in the above post.

    there's a bansky knocking about in manchester behind glass too


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