Helping Hand : For Him

So here is my next 'helping hand' for your Christmas shop and today is getting something for the blokes in your life. Weather that is your boyfriend, dad, brother, nephew or friend. Here are just some ideas. I have got some of my blokes presents, but can't share them because he will read this and know what he has. Most men like gadgets, so they are usual a safe bet. If not you could buy clothing or even a selection of things mix it up. If you man is has everything why not treat him to a gift experience, it is different and could be a real surprise. Hope it gives you some ideas. 


Hat, Scarf and Bracelet:
Watch and Boxers:
Clock frame and iPhone charger:


  1. thanks for the tips will come in handy with the bf haha xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Omg... the parfum Jean Paul gaultier is my favourite!!!!

    i loved <3

  3. the hardest thing ever is for me to buy a gift for a man!!! :|
    and because I always end up getting a pair of boxers or some shaving stuff...and I just don't have any other idea... :/
    that funny hat is so great :D:D and a perfume, maybe, maybe... :P:P thank you for this!! xoxo


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