Leather Bound Chic

So I still can't get enough of Leather/PU skirts, weather you prefer the real thing or like the look without having to wear leather (vegan etc). Everyone can now get this look easy, I think if you do go for leather than vintage is always great as  there is a sea of leather skirts from the 80s and is great for any of you Eco girls. 

If you don't do vintage than there are lots of choices on the high street, if you don't do leather there are heaps of leather look skirts that are vegan friendly (also friendly to non vegan's). So you may recall me being featured at style clone, in a leather skirt I tried on in Topshop you can now get this skirt in black if you were after it. I recently got a PU leather look dress which I am going to layer to look like a skirt, as I have not found my perfect leather skirt (my waist goes in and my bum sticks right out) so still hunting one down. So anyway here is some inspiration for the look. I did have a look for plus size leather skirts, but it seems no one does them (which is pants)as I think this look is amazing on a full figure, pencil skirt and kitten heels me thinks so for all the plus size beauty's head to EBay as they have some.

Would you ever try this look?

So here is just a little something I put together, but I think everyone wears this look differently. I think some times this can be a hard look to get right, even above some looks are better than others. I think leather can have may looks and it depends on the cut ...like 60s mod, or 80s power chic, to 90s grunge. So if you do try it you have so many ways to wear it, dress it down with a tee and trainers or glam it up with a blouse and heels. The no no with leather skirts is going to OTT, when you look like least fashion more hooker. Double leather should not be attempted unless you are uber stylish and can make a sack look good. This look is sexy without it becoming tarty ... so leave your feathered boa at home.

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Images: look magazine, getty, zimbio


  1. I actually think the knee length tight leather skirt looks pretty classy!!! I want one!


  2. I adore leather skirts! they're hot!

  3. i would definetly try this look! probably in the summer time though its getting pretty cold here in winnipeg so i doubt people will wear skirts though haha.

  4. It's funny you post about this because I just saw a skirt similar to the 1st picture at the store the other day and I looked at it for a few minutes thinking "Mmm maybe I should try it on?". But I didn't... I don't see it fitting in my wardrobe with the rest of my stuff.

    I'm sure you could pull it off though! :)

  5. definitely love the way a skin tight leather pencil or mini skirt looks. great pics!

  6. I really like the looks you put together, especially the one with the blue skirt: super cute. And it's strange, I never thought this look would be me, but the fitted above the knee skirst are, I agree, really classy. I think I'd have to do fake leather for something so decadent and unnecessary though!

  7. oh! leather skirts, I won't try this look because I can imagine myselfh wearing that but that girls look beautiful!!

    nice post :)


  8. i love this look, unfortunately i dont think this look would suit me, but im all up for trying something new :)

    courtney xx

  9. Love this look, not sure I could pull it off

  10. I really want some leather shorts, haven't been brave enough to try any yet! I think Alexa rocks this look best, she looks fab xxx

  11. I'm not a huge fan of the skirts, but I have some shorts which I am in love with. I think you can dress them up & down really easily. My fav at the moment is with tights & big chunky knits-love it
    Great post

  12. You can NEVER have too much leather ;)


  13. I LOVE this trend!! would definitely buy myself a leather skirt, even the leather shorts, I want them badly! and ever since you've posted that leather dress you've bought in some of your previous posts, I became so obsessed...
    and I found one on Saturday and when I went back to the store yesterday it was gone.. ;(
    but I'll find it!! :P:P

  14. I love the look especially on Drew Barrymore, Beyonce and Gwenyth Paltrow. Unfortunately I fall in that plus sized category and most designers think we should be stuck in mom jeans and kitty cat sweatshirts (nope im not bitter...lol). Anyway it is very cute and there are so many great pictures.

  15. This post makes me want to wear my leather pencil skirt to work tommorow! I'm not crazy about it though its vintage but doesn't fit perfectly, I've been debating taking sissors to it and turning it into a high waisted mini.

    ~Em K

  16. wow!!! now i feel like having one of those leather skirt in my closet!


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