Pond Life

Hat: gift
Jacket: ? New look or Primark
Jeggings: Primark
Pumps: Tesco
Bag: Primark
Scarf: Vintage

So this was Saturdays outfit, we had a pub lunch and it was cold so just a nice laid back outfit with a touch of glam makeup.I think I have also watching to many old skool film noir, and dreaming of Bettie page. I should be getting my hair trimmed on Wednesday as I am still unsure what type of style I want. Thank you for all your feedback on the hair thing, some made me laugh :) so thank you. 

Oh I was watching my son's cartoon Pepper Pig and recalled hearing one of the voices somewhere else, and than I had a flash back of 'Pond life' I don't know if you ever watched it, but I think it was so funny. So found all of them on you tube and have spent this evening watching them, and reliving '96'. I love it when you find something that made you cry with laughter and totally forgot about. So I hope you enjoy it  I think after reading the Dita book (which I rediscovered in my room), I am going to try and make more effort when it comes to my hair and makeup. I don't know how long this will last, I'm sure by next week I will be like 'oh fuck it' I will try and show you my makeup haul sometime this week. So I hope you had a fab weekend and thank you again for your support.


  1. I love your scarf!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. that scarf is beautiful! this is definitely my favorite look on u!

  3. OMG so funny. I clicked on this post and saw your first picture and seriously said "Oh my god she looks so pinup gorgeous just like Dita Von Teese and then I scroll down and see u are reading her book and want to try out her look some time. You have her look down already!!! Its gorgeous!

  4. well check you out lady...you're looking foxy! :)

  5. The pin up style looks great on you! I love this style, its colours and everything...the red lips! ;))

    Oh and, Laura, thank you so much for responding to my comment!! :)) It's nice to know an opinion of a mummy! And I am fine, I had a flu, but now I'm all better... :))



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