No Shaven Head

So I have had a break from blogging because it has been busy, not in a cool 'oh got some hot event' more like tidy this, wash that. I forget to post this outfit, I do love this River Island dress the print is really cute. I have been catching up on your blogs and have read such sweet and heartfelt posts and posts that have had me belly laughing hard. Speaking of tummy's I am working on toning mine, what with Christmas round the corner it means I can enjoy food without having muffin top come January. Oh I am loving Twitter at the moment, it has been making me laugh throughout the day I was in Starbucks today and was almost spitting out coffee at them. I really want need a haircut, my hair is just beyond being saved I want something funky but easy to style.

What kind of haircut should I get? I'm not shaving my head BTW !!! No matter how many people suggest it :P

So hmmmm nothing happening at the moment, but I'm sure by tomorrow I will have something to share. Anyway thank you for all your wonderful comments and following you lot make me blush. Oh got some huge makeup haul today, I need to do a new you tube video soon, but my camera is shit :( still may just wing it.

Dress: Ebay River Island
Necklace: Thrifed I think ..........
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Primark


  1. that dress looks wicked on you, snazzy print for snazzy times. ohh new hair hmmm, my gf hollie just lopped off all her hair, did you see it on her blog by any chance? she ain't that far off shaved really.

    yeah get a new video on the go!

  2. looking good girl! love that dress! xx

  3. Law, what tummy are you talking about!? You're delirious! lol.

    Hey, I'm hoping you'll get a new camera soon and indeed, that dress is lovely! :)

  4. i really like ur hair now! but u can try cutting it short with bangs!

  5. Glad you are back! Cutest dress ever! I don't really know what kind of haircut you should get. I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what kind of haircut I should
    Can't wait to see your big haul.

  6. are u sure u wana cut your hair? it took mine forever to reach my length haha

    but if u really have a new hairdo,perhaps shoulder length and can try out bangs

  7. I need my hair cutting too - no idea what to do with it though!

    I think you'd look great with mid-length hair and a side parting. :) x

  8. that dress is fantastic! and i love your hair the way it is but if you wanna change it up bangs would looks great on you.

  9. Wow, that dress is BOLD. I'd never wear it but it looks so great on you!

  10. you should shave your head. or like part of it. you'd really suit it, you have the kind of stunning wow face.
    if not, dye it lighter.
    cute shoes

  11. what an adorable dress. I love the print and the colors so much, and it fits lovely on you, the dark hair makes it perfect ^__^
    And the neckless is soo beautiful O.o I think I want one like that too :)

    Loves London

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  13. love love your dress
    yeah it really annoys me when people say "shave your head"
    even though I always say it :)

  14. i rather like your hair as it is but i think a fringe would look fab on you!

  15. Your dress is so beautiful & I am currently searching for a pair of booties and I must say that yours are soooo beautiful! If only we had Primark in my country... :S I'll try to find a similar pair somewhere anyway... :))


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