MAC Venomous Villains

So I was going to buy some but the more I looked at the collection, the more I realised I already have half the colours and the other half I would not wear. I am looking forward to hearing some reviews, I was talking with cowbiscuits and Sammi In wonderland on twitter about it, both the girls got some and will be reviewing it so check them out. I just wanted to show my favourite collection looks. I'm thinking of trying to recreate one of them. So watch this space and I will try and sort it. 

I must say I always both these characters the Evil Queen from snow white 1937 (who was so pretty, I loved the black headdress very Grace Jones) and Maleficent from sleeping beauty 1959 had thee best makeup I wanted a green face after seeing her and she had the crow (so cool). I love this collection but I think the range of colours could have been more inventive, I would have loved so full on shimmer and glitter and a wider range of lipstick and nail polish. I look forward to the reviews ,and I have seen some sleek makeup that is almost the same I can link if you like, as most of the collection has sold out .....I bet it is on EBay was a stupid price.

1. Evil Queen
2. Sinister
3. Vile Violet
4. Maleficent
5. Briar Rose
6. Wrong spell

Did you buy anything?

Also do you have a favourite look? which was your favourite Villain as a child? I use to love both of these, but the Cruella was the one she had great hair and her outfits (minus the killing puppies). Sorry this is not a review but I hope it well inspire you with makeup you have or to try the look with your Mac Products. thank you for all your lovely feedback xx

images: Mac uk


  1. thanks for the shout out lovely! I'm excited to get them in the post! I made sure I only bought what colours I don't own, My favourite Baddie is Cruella (minus the puppy slaying obvs!) she had amazing style and was voiced by the fabulous Glenn Close!

  2. I was really disappointed with this collection. Nothing really seemed to go together and there weren't many colours that were unique. There was so much talk about the collection that I expected it to be a lot better. With that said, I did buy Toxic Tale lipstick (have not worn it yet) and Bite of an Apple blush (have worn it and really like it).

  3. I saw the packaging of this collection. It's so nice, Law!

    The second look will look great on you. I think it's the best look out of them all. :)

  4. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog hun. :) I was going to buy more makeup but I too realised that my budget wouldn't stretch that far and I also have a lot of similar products.

    Glad I got the polishes though. :) I'll get the review up as soon as I get the goodies through the post. x

  5. I agree with you about cruella!
    so cute girl! kisses

  6. wow this is cool but sadly i own none :(


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