Jeremy Scott & MAC

I have read a heap of reviews and watched most of the shows and I have to say that the Jeremy Scott collection S/S 2011 was by far my favourite, cool blogger  Rufus did a great post on the collection too. I loved it soooo much I just had to post about it, MAC did an amazing job with hair and makeup and it just all clicked together like a huge trash 80's glam fest.

I think he is really making wearable cool, hip fashion and creating wear for stars like Lady Gaga !! I love the admit one top, if you look at my header you will find where this inspiration come from. The first time I saw Lady Gaga in the yellow jumpsuit, I knew this was a designer that would just grow from collection to collection. He has a great eye for texture, colour and cut, never one to place safe and thank god. I would describe this collection as vamp tramp, it is old Hollywood meets 80's grunge chic. 

What did you think of this collection?

I hope to try and find some kooky clothing to recreate this look, watch the music stage I think there will be a sea of singers who will be dripping in Jeremy Scott. You would be mad not too. I still say leave the meat at home :/

images: Jeremy scott getty, 


  1. the pictures are amazing! this collection is absolutely fantastic, I love the makeup & the clothes! the colours are fabulous and since my favourite colour is red this whole thing really gets me, amazing... :)) gotta save this pictures to my computer!

  2. I loved it too. But I'm a sucker for anything trashy! My fave piece is probably the straight jacket dress x

  3. I love Jeremy Scott! I particularly loved the tyre track dress, the cross dress and the I heart NY bag tee! xx

  4. The make up is pretty much made of dreams...and that skelenton sweater dress. It's kind of made of dreams. The collection as a whole is very hit and miss.....but practically sings to my 14 year old self.

    Haven't got any Vemonous Villains yet.....I'm going to have to sort that soon though!

    Claire xo

  5. Love this post! The make up is amazing, those red lips are just stunning right? I loooove all of the picks here!!

  6. Fantastic pics!!

    LOVEEEEEE the collection <3

  7. i think its over the top and amazing ! so unique and different from what we see in a typical runaways


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