What Are Chips Without Ketchup

Cardigan: Primark £11
Jeggings: Primark £6
Belt: Primark old
Shoes: New look
T-shirt: Primark £2:50
Bag: Primark £9:00
Brooch: Topshop

Hello my lovely's and thank you for all your comments and feedback lately, it means the world to me. So this was Monday's outfit, I'm running a day behind as my son has been more than a bit grumpy. So I am looking forward to Wednesday, I am meeting up with friends for a well over due coffee and caught up. 

Oh and have you noticed how everyone is launching online stores, about five years late but at least they are catching on ...I don't need to mention who, as you have more than likely seen them yourself. So the outfit was a just throw it on one, and I have to say I love it. The outfit is all Primark and I got the jeggings for a £6 and the David & Goliath style top for £2:50. Than I spotted this Mulberry inspired bag for £9 ....I can recall saying 'fucking hell' out loud and launching toward it, and getting a rather weird look from a lady who was holding one (I did notice she stuffed it damn fast into her basket after).So yes I am not the best person to go shopping with, as I have been told I know what I want and can have seen everything in under 15 minutes. I do slow it down with friends and usual try and look like I am still unsure, when usual I am already planning what shop to go to next.

Check out Ebay if you don't have Primark near you as I have seen these bags on there ...I think they are selling them for something stupid like £20, but I'm sure you could bid and bag one for less. I love the bags and clothing they have there at the moment, some great dresses from like £6 ....looking forward to really getting into my A/W wardrobe now, yes I know that is completely sad. I will be in a thick cowl neck jumper drinking my latte, with people drinking pim's in flip flops .. Sad but most definitely true.

Oh had to share this from the Topshop blog, Vogue Fashion Night Out !!!! You can find their blog here.
It's that time of year again and we're all getting super-excited about one of the biggest nights of the fashion year. Vogue's Fashion Night Out is set to hit London and New York and raise loads of money for charity. As usual,Topshop is at the forefront of things with loads of amazing happenings planned to make the night go with a swing!

Head over to our Oxford Street flagship on September 8th between 6pm-11pm where we'll be hosting a real-life pop-up magazine for one night only. Head over to the Fashion Desk and get all the hottest style tips from our personal shoppers as well as a member of Vogue's fashion team. Then roll by the beauty counter to test out our gorgeous Make Up range, and get ideas and advice from one of Vogue's beauty pros. Exclusive Vogue totes will be on sale for just £10, with all proceeds going to the charity Kids Company, who provide invaluable support to vulnerable children.
Make sure you're decked out in your finest, because Miss V is going to have a photobooth instore and the most stylish person snapped there will win a £200 spree with our personal shopping team! Don't forget to check our Facebook page the next day and tag yourself in the street style pictures. There'll be live music to bop to from DJ Sophie Lloyd, refreshments on offer throughout the evening and, if it's anything like our event last year, an amazing atmosphere to boot!

In our New York store on Broadway and Broome things kick off on September 10th from 6pm - 11pm. As well as setting up Fashion and Beauty desks for our amazing pop-up magazine, there'll be exclusive Vogue tees on sale to raise money for the NYC AIDs Fund.
Have a little dance to one of the live DJs who'll be on from 7pm and strike a pose for our style paparazzi. Pictures from the evening will be uploaded to our Facebook page, so make sure you tag yourself and your friends. Grab yourself a drink, have a browse and let's make this the biggest Fashion Night Out yet!


I love cute tee's like this even in winter,winter ...You know when your nose is ready to drop off from cold, and you wear that jumper you found under the bed with the jam stain, because even with the heating on you were still freezing. Yes, well I layer them over and under everything they are my version of the Ugg's boot I guess. Some people wear Ugg's, I like a funky tee (of course not great in winter, but I don't care).
So yeah did not do anything of great importance today. I do have so much needed post's that I need to sort, that I had planned but still have not put into action. Well soon enough my dear's.


  1. Hey gurl :P Fab outfit. I love the tee, cardi and shoes! and the bag! I love it all!
    What lipstick are you wearin here?

    Check your youtube mail :) xx

  2. that shirt is just so cute! i love your eye makeup, btw! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. Ah right, the lipstick is gorgeous!!

    Did ya check your youtube mail?! :P x

  4. thank you hunni, just watched the video :) you have made my month xxxxx

    I will have to do something nice for you too :) xxx

  5. Love this outfit XXX www.baninas.blogspot.com

  6. Your t-shirt cracks me up! First time on your blog and I love it xx

    Ellie Rose xx

  7. Oh I really want that t-shirt BAD :)

  8. wait , love the quirky shirt , the red shoes the bag the cardigan ahhh

  9. I like the 50's vintage look! IT suits you very well.

    You do know that you somewhat resemble Gaga, right?



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