Barrymore Rocks, So does Her Hair

So you know it, I know it Drew Barrymore has thee hottest hair at the moment. To me I have always loved Drew's hair, she always get's it right I love that she is brave and bold and is always changing it up. I also love how Drew dresses, and she her one of the best attitude's in showbiz to me. She is so down to earth and kooky and is not afraid of being a nerd or being uncool, for that she is thee coolest chic and I adore her. I love her movie's and am looking forward to her new film 'Going The Distance'. Rock on Drew, we love you xxxx

Here are just some of the cut's and styles she has rocked:

I love this shoot:


  1. Drew's lucky - she can pull off blonde and brunette and look equally beautiful with both. If I had that talent, I'd be changing my hair up that much too...

  2. I love Drew she can do no wrong in my eyes - she is cool and looks amazing! ss

  3. I agree, she has a great personality too! But sometimes she dresses really shabby.
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  4. Drew Barrymore looks sooooo fabulous, it's not even funny! Thanks for this.



  5. I love this, Drew rocks!

  6. Drew is one of my favourite people at the minute. She is promoting ther new film at the minute so shes been on tv alot. I watched Charlies Angels yesters. Love her! Shes so hot. :D



  7. I love Drew! And I saw Going the Distance, and now I love her even more :) great post!


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