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So after a long weekend of being really ill, I finally got around to doing this post. The lovely Susanne from susuanalove.blogspot.com tagged me, so first of all thank you so much, and secondly this is my first time being tagged. So brace yourself to find out a lot of crap about me. So here we go ..............
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Things That I Like Love:

My son he was never planned, but he is the most important person in my life. I was in such a bad place, I had a lot of huge things going on at the time. When I found out, I just stopped all the craziness, no drink, health food because when I saw my 9 week scan I saw my baby. He looked like a jelly baby with arms, not very big but he was mine. I had the worst labour ever and I would do it again in a heart beat, he is my world. 

My boyfriend we have been together 9 yrs and he is such a gentleman. He is also the best dad ever, I am proud to have his son and call him my soul mate. We also have stupid arguements, watch crap movies and can read each other's minds.

My mother, she is a wonder of a women, she was a single parent and I don't know how she did it (I had my second parents, my grandparents who helped too). She is a bit dizzy and gets things wrong, nags me and tells me about everything she has done 10 times, but she is also caring and kind. My mum is bi polar and for a while I cared for her, she deals with her illness well and I'm very proud of her.

My friends, well they are just amazing, they are all so different and mad. Some love fashion, some love travel, some love books, while others like raves. I love them all and the endless love and support they give me. They expect me not for my looks or fashion, not for my size or my colour. Just for me, and I expect and love em all.

Things That I Like:

Music I have the widest choice of music ever, from Lady gaga to Tool. I love prog rock, pop, indie, scar,industry .....this could go on. I wish I could play guitar I would be one of them crazy fools on you tube, I use to be lead singer in a band :P But we were shit, music is something everyone and anyone can enjoy. It can make us feel a range of emotions, and tell a million story's plus I don't trust people who don't like music. Even deaf people love music, so be happy that you have your hearing and sing along. 

Silliness well yeah, anyone who knows me knows I love people who laugh at themselves. I am know as the crazy one a lot, and I always have a funny story, well life is for living ....and cleaning the streets of London. 

Being different stand out, I have never been a 'blender' why the hell would you want to fit in. I have been bullied for it in the past, but if I wanted to wear black lippy I did ...or dress like a pixie on crack I would. Fuck the rules and make your own. Don't let people get to you when they say, 'wear this, talk about that, do this, don't go there'. You are you, try not to compare and embrace what you get and be proud of who you are.

T.V: Addicted!!!! I love spaced, mighty boosh,hollyoaks, IT crowd, ugly betty and so much more. I love documentaries on anything from wild life to serial killers, learning about how other people live and what is going on in the world. I watched The Cove and cried I watch Botox and Me and laughed. I shouldn't watch so much but why not if I can learn something about the world or just relax and have a laugh.  

Shopping let's not go there, yes I get a buzz, yes I need help, and there is no such thing as too many shoes.

Blogging it gives  me a chance to show something different, my pockets are far from being trimmed with Prada and I prefer street style watching to watching endless catwalk show's. Watch the kids, they are the real trend setters I have always seen trends on the street way before the catwalks showed them. I also like to talk about others things design, music and events. Blogging is just great for giving you a voice, for so long we have been told this is what you need now we can say this is what we want. 


  1. Darling this is beautifully written

    ''my pockets are far from being trimmed with Prada and I prefer street style watching to watching endless catwalk show's.''

    Salutation and i couldn't agree more

    and yes why the hell must we fit in when we can be ourselves right

    YAY to music and i adores my mum too :) like your wondermum mine is also a single woman who raises me and my sisters all by herself .Cheers to our mum they deserves the love and respect

    love your honest answers ,not only i get to know you so much better ,i get to love you more for who you are

    with love


  2. I loved this post!! Also, because I love kowing there are people in this world, that we think so much alike... :)

    And may I quote this: "I prefer street style watching to watching endless catwalk show's". Now that is something I must agree on. It's so much more special to watch real life people walking by, inspiring you with their personal sense of style. :)

    Great great post!

  3. your son is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lovely post it feels like Ive learnt allot about you :)


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  5. Your answers made me giggle! There is no such thing as having too much shoes!

    I couldn't stop giggling at the vacuum photo! :))

    I'm going to add this to my existing post! :) Thanks for tagging me, missy!

  6. Hey! Thanks a million. I love your blog. This post is really lovely. (Your son is adorable!) Also Mighty Boosh AND shoes? We have a lot in common. :D

    I definitely want to hop on the bandwagon and try doing one of these posts!


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