Shop Windows and LFW videos

Hello my dears I total forget to post this post, I had it in my drafts and forgot about it. So here are some fashion videos from London Fashion Week and some pictures (sorry it was a really sunny day BTW) of current shop displays around London I though you may enjoy.I am loving the pink LFW bags this year I am so bummed I can't go, but I will be taking my son to London zoo for his 1st birthday. So I will post pictures of that, who knows still may inspire you lot. Don't worry I won't  be skinning any of the animals for this years fur trend. I already got a fab fake fur off Ebay back in June ! It was a great price sometimes it is best to stash it :P 

Do you like to stash for future trends?

LONDON FASHION WEEK CATWALK from Bladesman Productions on Vimeo.

LONDON FASHION WEEKEND from Bladesman Productions on Vimeo.

LONDON FASHION WEEKEND - THE CLUB LOUNGE from Bladesman Productions on Vimeo.

LONDON FASHION WEEKEND - DESIGNERS from Bladesman Productions on Vimeo.

So would you like to see more shops, or what would you like to see of London? 


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the shop window in London :)

  2. oh, i can't wait to go to london! amazing post, so lovely :) enjoy your weekend ♥

  3. I really want to go for london fashion weekend and shooooooop!

  4. Great set of pictures. I couldnt watch the videos as my internet is a little slow at the moment but I will. I want to see more of shop windows, its great that I can window shop from my couch!

    Rufus †

    have fun at the zoo! x

  5. Hey I gave you an award in my blog if your interested, come take a look! :]
    Great blog!

  6. Darling thanks for sharing this

    i have not been to London before but its one of the place in my list of places to see before i die lol

    and cant wait to see the photos of you and your son in the Zoo , i am sure he will have a great time there

  7. i love seeing anything from london. i hope you post more pictures of where you live. i am always so amazed to see photos of other places. :D

    i am loving that white coat, btw!

    <3, Mimi

  8. i just want to BE in london! goodness me i'm so jealous :)
    aaah kurt geiger!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

  9. I wish I could go to London NOW!
    I was supposed to go last year, but didn't end up happening! Great shots, keep up the good work!

  10. I wanna see the current trends on street somehow!whatta lovely window shopping in London!^^barbiejunk

  11. one of my longtime wishes is to go to London...and I am gonna do that as soon as possible... :))

    I love the pictures & LOVE that white outfit in the store, the coat looks amazing and also, whenever I see a leopard print I just go crazy...that leopard print coat is beautiful!

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