The Sun Said Hello

Rings: H&M, Trainers: Converse, Eye shadow: Sleek 

Hello my dears, so tomorrow I'm going to Covent Garden and hope to take some pictures of fashion people outside Somerset house and of things I want in shops. I will try but I don't have the guts to take pictures of peoples outfits, I'm a bit shy sometimes. I can't go to LFW this year, as it is too close to my son's birthday but will be at the next one for sure. I made that promise to myself.

So this was the other day, and I was totally taken back by the sun (see my layers) and feel a little silly in this. I did have fun doing some groovy eye makeup, but my eye liner looks like I applied it in the dark. I really wanted to use the orange from my Acid Sleek palette, and I think this works okay. It has been a weird week but a great one too, the lovely Susuana tagged me so I will do my tag list on the weekend. Plus Robyn gave me the sunshine award, so thank you ladies means the world to me :P

Oh my BF got the new iPhone, so I got his old one horay !!! So I have been checking out the coolest app's. So if you don't have these get them:
Hipstamatic - great for old skool pictures
Lookz - Barry M app lots of makeup, nail how to's plus cute wallpaper
H&M - Shake when you have loaded it and get 20% off one item.

If you have any you love let me know, as I am a new iPhone user (behind in the gadget world). So I hope you have a great weekend and I will try and post lots of lovely pictures, is there anything you would love to see (picture wise) as I am a London gal and love to visit places and take pictures. I may well take some pictures just for you, let me know xxxx BTW so an money off in Dare magazine so follow the link below xxxxx

Dress: Primark, Belt: H&M, Necklace: Topshop


  1. thanks for the award the other day, sorry if i didn;t thank you. can't remember if i did. im so stressed with uni work i have no idea whats happening.

    that will be wicked if you can get some pics, i'll be glued to twitter to see what's happening! i will be going next season fo sho.

    the weather is a shocker up north, but what's new. liking the converse, i haven't worn cons for a couple of years now but was thinking of getting some beige ones. btw, new layout on my blog, any thoughts?

  2. No worries hun, left you a comment and hope you feel less stressed soon. Hugs x

  3. i love your makeup and the way it matches your outfit heh :)
    have fun in covent garden, looking forward to pics x

  4. wow that eyeshadow is magical. Oh I love the new lay out, it's like the wizard of oz @_@

  5. I have those shoes! I can never pair them with anything though. I think they were an impulse buy due to my converse addiction. You wore them really well and your eyeshadow is brilliant! :)

  6. LOVE that green skull ring!!

    iphone -
    you need to get the game angry birds! ull be addicted i promise! get the free version and i guarantee ull be buying the full version ... i resisted for soo long but hubby got it and then i was hooked!

    quad camera is heaps of fun too!


  7. I like the overall outfit look, its cute!


  8. Aww, your dress is so pretty! Want it :D xxxxx

  9. u deserves the award , trust me and thanks for making me a part of it too

    you're a wonderful person :)

    back to this post , u have a son? wow u look so young , wishing u ♥ with your family

    have a blast in the Covent garden and i think the eye color looks good on you

    the only thing i can wear with my eyes are black liner lol

    i am not good with playing around with eye make up

    and YAY your photos are so fun in this post

    hope you will have a great weekend

    cant wait to see u in your next update

    with love


  10. I love this photos!!! the outfit is amazing and the makeup!! you always match it and it looks so awesome!! :))

  11. Love the makeup! :)

    Paula x

  12. thank you so much for all your comments xxx


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