Night With My Gal's ........

So I meet up with my BBF's I hate using that but it is easier, so yeah we went to Wahacc (which I am addicted to) which is this great Mexican place in Covent Garden.The food is just so yummy, its street style that I love the most,just having a good mixer and trying different dishes. I had no room left, but the girls had doughnuts and Mexican doughnuts look pretty delicious, and the girls inhaled them so I'm guessing they were. 

This is what I wore, I just wanted to be comfortable I have those days a lot lately. We all got soaked, as the heavens opened the moment I got off the bus not good. So Eve took these of me looking a little washed out, it was so heavy (the rain) all I had was my blazer to put over my head (such a great look on a night out). I did have such a great night, I was glad I did not wear a dress like I had planned. We had such a laugh, and it was just a nice relaxing caught up on what everyone has been up too. We also were in shock that we have been friends for ten years, and that so much has happened and changed. Not only us as people but London, from shops and the places we use to love drinking in, hanging out at and the places we still love, still go too. 

All the places I loved as a teenager have gone, my favourite pub is now a trendy wine bar. My favourite clothing shop (unique stuff) is now a internet cafe, which got us talking about how the hell did we meet up before mobiles ?!!? 

I mean we use to do heaps every day and somehow never used a iphone (you could only text but we never had credit), Facebook (never existed) or Twitter so how the hell did we meet. We use to phone each other from home, arrange a place and meet. There is something to be said for just picking your phone up at home and just having a chat ....I miss those days before getting poked on Facebook.

If you could phone anyone (even famous peeps) who would you call?

I would call Naomi Klein as I find her to be an intriguing person, and I found No Logo her book to be something I loved and hated at the same time. I think you could debate with her, and she would tell you what was what.

If I wanted a lighter chat I would call David Bowie and chat about music and his inspiration, got to love Bowie still looks great and he is 63 ! I have always loved him and would call him ever day if I could, he is a legend.

         Pumps and Bag: Primark , Necklace: New Look, Jacket: Tesco, Vest: H&M


  1. your outfit is soooo amazing! i would love to wear something like it. and i agree with michelle chic, i think i'll call ryan seacrest. or ellen degeneres! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. thanks for the comment :)
    your blog is great to!!!!

  3. Sounds like you have loads of fun :) i like your outfit and also the fast that I know all the places you got them the necklaceis a ice touch.
    If I could call any one... mm why not Lady Gaga???? lol actually maybe Drew Fuller YUMMY :)


  4. GREAT Primark buys!! that bag looks fab!

  5. i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow...!

  6. haha gosh i cant remember how it feels like to call someone on their house phone and '' Hello May i speak to..'' technology changes things

    your post brings back good old memories from my younger years

    if i can call someone famous i think i will Call WHO ELSE but Joseph Gordon Levitt and if he picks up i am gonna sing Lionel's Hello hahaha and freak him up

    then my next post will be written behind jail bars for stalking lol

  7. You know I really like your blog and your style :) So I've given you a blog award. Yay. Check it out if you get a chance :)

  8. Cute shoes!

  9. thank you for all your comments and I love seeing who people would call :P such a mixed response. xx


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