Does That Chiwawa Have Fake Lashes On ?

Jumper: Primark, shoes: Primark, Short's worn underneath: Topshop

So I'm not sure about this jumper, I saw it in Primark and it made me laugh and I love that it is a tad silly. It was £11:00 and not something I would really wear, but I do love an oversized jumper plus it seems the sun has said goodbye in London, and the wind and rain has crash in it's place.  Oh Thank you for all your lovely comments about the shoot, it was great to hear that you liked the idea and the styling etc.  Also hello to new follower's and welcome into my mad, boring life. This month I am looking forward to, taking my son to London Zoo for his first birthday, watching him play with wrapping paper instead of his presents and eating lots of cake.

There is a real buzz in London at the moment, what with London Fashion Week and other events the city feel alive again. Also went with new online store H&M and Zara, this month has started off well. Currently at Harrod's they have an exhibition called The Perfume Diaries, which my mother actually went to she said it was very enchanting.

 Did you know that Chanel N05 has over 80 ingredients, including lots of jasmine and aldehyde intensifers. It will be ending 2nd October, so you still have time to go have a look and there are still events you can go to free of charge.

My all time favourite is 'ANGEL' by Thierry Mugler, it reminds me of nights out with my BF and makes me feel like a woman. It is sweet and sexy, with deep base notes of chocolate,vanilla and honey which I can always smell a mile away. I would soak in a bathtub full of it, if I could afford it. It came out in 1992 and before I could afford it, I would always spray my self with half the bottle when shopping. 

Perfume should be seen as a treat still,and the idea of perfume should not be forgotten after all it was and still is to attract people. When I was a child my nan would let me wear her's at christmas only she said 'Women should wear perfume, not young girls'. I now understand what she meant and I still feel honoured that she shared hers with me.

Which brings me to the question .............

What perfume/aftershave is your all time favourite?

                                                                Images: Barry lean 
                                                                         Rings L-R: Clarie's, Topshop, H&M
                                                                                          Necklace: Asda
                                                                                  Eye shadow: Sleek makeup cicrus
                                                                                    Nail polish: Barry M


  1. I love all of the purple and grays.

    I have a lot of perfume i love too, i really like anything from gucci . I really like the gucci flora, it seems to be the one i wear the most.

  2. Love that cute.
    I love perfume...I have a lot and switch around a lot but right now I would have to say my favourite is Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP NYC

  3. Hi hi i think the jumper is so cute lol pimped chiwawa

    i used to hate perfumes because they make me dizzy

    but as i am growing older , i start to love the feminine side of me

    i think my all time fav will be Miss Dior

    but now i really like Flora by Gucci

    by the way i dont think you're life is boring :)

  4. thank you hunni, trust me most of it is dull (maybe because it is mine, things look different on the out side)

    Thank you for all your comments xxxx

  5. That outfit is major cute love the oversized look :) xx

  6. the rings are cute
    love you nail colour

  7. I love your boots and the dress is actually really cute. My favourite perfume is Prada L'ambre

  8. I work in a Perfume store, all day long perfume - its devine. as you can imagine i have ALOT of peume from bargains i get with my staff discount to free gifts and prizes. My 2 favourites are Juicy Couture and Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B.
    I'm a bit of a perfume nerd and have completed 2 courses at work to do with products its fun! xx

  9. Aaw how cute is your sweater?! :)

    my all time favourite perfume is Miss Dior Chérie but it's soo expensive for me, I've only used samples of it so far teehee :)

  10. The jumper looks great on you! Go primarni! The weather is bloomin awful in Portsmouth too... ahh well we all knew this time has to come. Great tip about perfume exhibition.

    Ellie Rose

  11. Miss Dior Cherie

    Love your post , always following

  12. hey!! :D just looked around your blog, I must say it's amazing!!! :))) I love it and I'm following too!!!

    I love that top with chiwawa!! :D:D and the makeup, it blends together perfectly! I think ur awesome!!!

    oh and my favourite perfume right now: Glamour by MOSCHINO.. :))



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