What I Wore Wednesday

So I feel lately that my blog is messy and needs more order, plus I need some days off so I well be blogging on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and maybe Sunday. So I came up with some silly titles for these and what they will be about:

Monday: Magic Monday
Wednesday: What I wore Wednesday
Friday:  Fabulous Frigging Friday 
Sunday: Shop It Sunday

This way I can blog, have a life and have some structure ....and I know I change by title and background but I can't find anything that I LOVE, more that will do for now. I get bored and I have time so yeah I just makeover my blog, it is a bit of an addiction.
So apart from feeling really run down I got some great outfit posts for you, and as it is Wednesday I can post it Horay the system is working. So this is the first ever playsuit I have worn, I just did not like them on me, I had the fear about them and avoided them for years. Than I found this Primark one it reminds me of Stella McCartney´s Chloe "horse collection" from FW2001, I just love the print and the button detail. I have a few things with horse print, they have such a great form and shape so look great as a abstract print.

What piece of clothing do you fear?

Do you think you will dare to wear it soon? I think sometimes it is worth the wait to find a piece you can work with and feel good in. There are still thing's I could never wear, well not yet maybe if I find something that fits in all the right places who knows what I could rock. For now wearing a playsuit is a step forward, I have overcome a fashion fear without going on a diet or changing myself. Thank you for all your feedback, and support I hope the London sunshine stays for the weekend.


Playsuit: Primark
Shoes: Topshop
Belt : Primark
Necklace: H&M


  1. love ur shoes! the color totally pops with ur outfit!

  2. That playsuit looks so lovely on you. That print is gorgeous too! I still don't own one yet!

  3. I seriously want to go see if i can find that playsuit! It looks amazing!! xxxxxxx

  4. that's a good find, i reckon you will get a lot of wear out of it. glad you finally went for it, why the heck not. but you're chuffed really.

    humm i would say shorts for me, i just thing they make me look rather normal and boring. weird i know but meh. anyways i didn't get the chance much this summer. i do have loads though.

  5. you look very chic! i love your shoes!!!

    <3, Mimi

  6. i didnt know primark did playsuits
    i love it!

  7. great choice in shoes! love the color and also the print on ur dress
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