9 Year's Baby (Our Anniversary)

Jacket: Primark
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: ASOS

So we had our 9 year anniversary on Monday, and it was such a great day. Warning...This is a jammed packed post with lots of picture's, we just had a chilled day and went to Covent Garden for lunch and shopping (also to have a look in the new Apple store) I was lusting after a Mac book and he was lusting after well everything, he has a Mac but you know guys they want the ipad etc ...Who am I kidding everyone wants one. 

So me and Barry have been together since I was 19, and we have got to that point where we are just happy and in sync in our relationship we have had are highs and lows, but we made it. People say that having a child brings you closer together, this is in fact total bullshit you have no time for each other at all. You have to really work to have 'us' time, to keep a fresh balance and just have a laugh and we are managing it well. Oh I finally saw SATC 2 and I loved it, it's a great reminder that we can all pick and chose who we are and how we went our relationships to be or enjoying being single. 

I love you Barry, and I love that we have our relationship and not some check list. Embrace what you have and enjoy it because time fly's, soon everything will change and who knows where you will be in 9 years .....if you told me I would be in a loving relationship, with a kid I would have laughed in your face. I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday too, sorry for this soppy rant. Anyway so here are just some of the picture's, they were so many, Oh BTW I am completely obsessed with the Alexa Mulberry bag, I want in just to smell the leather.

So these are a few of the picture's we took, I have heaps more. I had a fab day and it was great to have a day with just 'us' it was funny because we both missed our son. We got to hold hand's while walking, which never happens because of the buggie. I know it's a small thing , but I had really missed it. So Barry is still working on some of the photos so I will post them up soon, I promise I will post some of my outfits and other crap for the rest of this week and on the weekend. I have a huge Primark/H&M haul too :P Oh plus notice I worked the leopard print trend and the minimalist too .............


  1. Congrats! I love all of the pictures too! Lovely :)

  2. I have way too many thing to say:

    1. Congrats! I always admire couples who have been together since really young.
    2. I love that you're so blunt! It makes me happy for some reason haha
    3. The color of your dress is perfection! I love how you styled it.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  3. Omg youre gorgeous!!!!! The outfit is so pretty and chic :) The blue really suits you!!

    Congrats to you both! 9 years :) wow ! :)

    I need to see your westwoods!!!

  4. Your blue dress looks amazing with the leopard skin. Make me want a leopard skin coat too :) Congrats too :)

  5. congrats;)

    pretty dress, i like frocks in vibrant solid colors.


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