Mother Nature, Don't Mess With Her

Top: H&M
Shorts: New look
Tights: New look
Ring: Primark
Boots: Primark

God had thee worst headache, it seems I have one everyday and it is so wearing ...Plus I have thee biggest bags because my sleep pattern is all over the place. If anyone can tell me anything that will reduce them and help the puffiness I would love you forever. So I got this H&M top on Monday as part of my present from Barry (my BF) and I love it, I want to live in it.

Where has summer gone, it feels like the shortest one ever. I am not ready for winter yet, there are too many pretty things to wear.I think this winter I am going to layer my ass off, so I can wear pretty things without being frozen. Soon it will be dark and back to cool fresh mornings where everyone will gram into Starbucks for morning coffee and be grumpy. I miss that, I use to love getting my Carmel latte and getting to work and having a good moan with everyone. I have seen some Christmas stuff around ....eekk I mean come on Christmas already, just wrong. 

Did anyone watch Hurricane Katrina: CAUGHT ON CAMERA was a great insight to want these people went through and I really don't know how they did it.It was heart warming to see people pulling together, and trying to help each other out as much as they could. I am so glad that people who filmed, lived and what back there to live. I think they are brave and show real human spirit of what people can get through. Hurricane's are so scary and when you add a flood on top of that, the  US East Coast are bracing themselves for Earl and I really hope it is not as bad as Katrina, I think the horror with Katrina was that people where left to it. It's crazy to see a western place looking like the third world, but than again at least we hopeful can get back on our feet. I can not imagine being in a place where you have nothing and than that happens, where do you go? How do you protect yourself and your family? 

They has also been the floods in Pakistan, which is just so sad. There are fear's that children will be take and trafficked because there parents are dead or they simple can't found them. 

 People in the flood’s wake were already desperately poor and what little possessions they had have been washed away. The extent of this crisis is only slowly emerging. The more villages that are reached the grimmer the picture becomes.
There is a desperate need for temporary shelter, clean drinking water and toilets to avert a public health catastrophe. People also need medical care and basic food items. We are looking at a sizable aid package that will require a great deal of public support.
Jane Cocking, Oxfam's Humanitarian Director – 3 August
I really hope that these people can get back to some kind of normal state, and can rebuild there lives. If you check on the link in green it will take you to the Oxfam page were you can donate if you wish. It's crazy how we all worry about things, from small things like money, to the safety of the streets. Than you have nature destroying and wiping out places in a matter of days, I can handle having bag's and worrying about paying bills any day over what these people are having to go through. I really hope that they get the help and that Hurricane Earl does not take as many lives as Katrina.
Anyway sorry this post has a bit of a raw edgy but I care about people, and I like to also use my blog to spread the word on things. When the shit hits the fan, we only have each other and it is also good to be aware that nature something does not give us a choice on things and that we can only try and get through them together. Be well and I promise on the weekend lots of happy post's. xxx


  1. Oh, love the tights. And the way you echoed the pattern with the ruffles on the sleeve, so lovely.

  2. hot look! love the patterns of ur tights!

  3. Well put! I'm proud of my friends who work in international development and are making a difference little by little.

    ( look fabulous!)


  4. the tights look so greaat with your boots. cool!

  5. Nice blog!
    Follow us if you want :)

  6. Well, I know I am glad summer's over. Summer isn't what it used to be, a pleasant season with reasonable temperatures. Now it's like a dessert you would wear anything as long as it makes you feel comfortable and doesn't make you sweat.
    Yes, poor people dealing with the floods, Mother Nature is indeed a powerful thing. You can never know what the future holds for you.
    Anyway, your lace thighs are so cool and so are the boots.

  7. the hurricane katrina thing was so sad - espcially that dog! waah!

  8. i love your blog!is full of good ideas!i follow you now!
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  9. Loving the top, the detail on the sleeves is really pretty! Sometimes I find some really amazing things in H&M but not so much recently!

  10. I love the top- very cute!

    p.s that documentary was so incredibly sad.

  11. Love the nail polish's color and the particular of the shirt!

  12. oh this is so sad :( you are so right. Your outfit is just stunning and you have such blue eye's. Yes lets make sure Earl stays away.


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