Walking On Broken Glass

How insanely beautiful is this art work, and to think it's just made of recycled glass and resin is just outstanding and the fact that the glass came from something broken and otherwise would have been throw like must things in London (they rarely fix's things here, and when they do they take forever) but it did make me Imagen a group of arty types seeing this, and than taking a hammer to there local bus shelter ....well material are expensive these days and so is art. 

I do love this but £995 smackers, I don't think I could afford these pieces. I love that Steven has taken recycled materials to that next level, and made such magical figures out of something you most likely lean on every morning before work. See us London folk have to use the bus or tube, you can drive here, but it's pretty pointless as once you have paid a stupid amount to get into central, you hit instance traffic jam's and if you don't mind having no where to park, and want to scream at everyone after your trip than I strongly recommend it. I think I will look at my bus shelter in a whole new light, I mean who would not want to lean on a potential £995 of art work to be. Steven Yeates is one to watch ...........

Photo's by me, artwork: Steven Yeates

Sorry the picture's are not great, follow the link for more. I was just passing and I just had to share with you, I will do a full post soon x


  1. Wow, now that is art. Great post xoxo

  2. wowowo that's awesome!!
    love how it's made of recycled glass too :)


  3. pretty wicked, i think it's fine to charge that, if someone might buy it why the heck not! i was thinking about setting up an esty to sell my canvas'. i think i'd charge £35-50 for them and see what happens.

    llandudno is in north wales so it's just around the coast from where i am now, about 2 hours away i think. looking forward to a nice relaxing break with hollie.

    yeah seen the burbs stuff, i'm all over the menswear the week the shows are on, watching live ect. i can't not watch!

  4. Wooowww love the pieces :) gorgeous! If I had money I would buy


  5. Ah thanks, I would quite happily lend you my face! I can assure you it doesn't look like that when I wake up!

    These are great, the bottom parts almost look like ice.

  6. This is so insanely beautiful!! Love it!

  7. fucking beautiful


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