Burberry Has My Heart

So I am usual a colour pop girl with heaps of accessories throw in to boot, that was until I saw the Burberry Prorusum collection at Elle.com, winter never looked so good. I wish I could own a piece, but I'm sure the great British high street will have been taking notes and hopeful make some inspired coats ...oh or the hot boots. Take a look, there were pathan to begin with ending with sheepskin ....and lots of buckets, think hitching meets Goth, well that's how I see it. Break out the lace again but this time in a shirt, and velvet like you have never worn it before.
So the hit list or key pieces for a Burberry inspired  look are:

What do you think about the collection? Will you be buying anything Burberry inspired?

Sorry this is a quick post,thank you for all your wonderful comments and following my blog. I will get some stuff together for a giveaway soon as people have been really supportive and I would love to have something fun on here too....I will look for some cool things. 

What Elle magazine said about the collection:
Leather sheepskin bomber jackets, navy pea-coats, military jackets, equestrian blazers, black peaked-shoulder coats with bow detail... there was one for every occasion, all worn with leather and sheepskin boots that ended just short of the crotch.At the end of a fashion week that has seen the majority of designers concentrate on the perfect coat, Burberry's show neatly cements this trend. And what to wear under the coat? Some looks did perfectly well without anything, but Burberry's slim-fit, ankle-length wool trousers and velvet-strip dresses will do beautifully.

                                                                                            images: Elle.com


  1. Burberry is one ofmy favorite brands...i really love it and your post...AMAZING!!! i'll become your follower, i hope you'll do the same!!!
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  2. I want the whole collection I need to rob a bank soon.


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