Oh Look

So I love Look magazine because they always have great finds, and once again they did not disappoint me. The website that really stood out was GaliBardy, it is also a favourite of Fearne Cotton. Here are my wish list from the website: What do you think of them? Would you buy any, if so what would you wear? I'm in love with the tooth necklace, its a little dark but kind of quirky and that sums me up. I love that they have a lot of girly piece but at the same time they are more grown up than a lot of the kooky jewellery website out there. 'Look' is a style bible so check it out as well they have a fab website

                        issue feature:23rd august 2010


I want to feature a question weekly, we will begin today with:
So your running late for a night out what's the one thing you grab before you leaving?

I always leave my wallet out last,just to make sure that as I head out the door I have it. What good is it getting off the tube and going to get some money from the ATM .......and 'shit I have no money, I left my wallet at home'. 
Let me know ...................


  1. Oh I would grab a necklace as you have to have a couple I think. I love that website thank you for sharing it, I really want the apple ring xxx

  2. No worries, glad you liked it. I want them all :P


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