Day Of The Divine

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I just can't get enough of 'day of the dead' style thing's, necklace, rings, photos ....I just really love them  and I have been on Etsy to hunt down some cool 'day of the dead' inspired piece's. I am a huge fan of Sugar Skull's and have always loved Frida Kahlo I'm not sure why but the idea of making something like 'death' a celebration and bright, bold is kind of  beautiful. Sorry I am not posting about my friend's birthday, my son is teething so badly that he kept me up all night so we could not go. So I'm looking forward to her picnic party tomorrow, so I am going to take picture's and caught up with her.


So beepart do this cool laptop decal, they will even size it for you, they have lot's of cool stuff so worth having a look.I think this would be cool for giving a otherwise dull looking laptop a bit of life ....well you have to look good while blogging.

Here's a bit of information on it:

day of the dead sugar skull laptop decal.

this decal can be sized to fit any laptop, mac or pc.
each decal is made of high quality self-adhesive vinyl that will not leave any glue residue if removed.

Grigio Design

So I do love a skull necklace and I love a cameo and now you can have both, I would wear this in a heartbeat so cute and it comes. They also do rings like the skull one below I love it because it is different from a lot of the usual skull rings that are in shops at the moment, for more ....

They also have a blog so have a look:
This necklace features "Miss Skeleton".

Finally, a profile of lady skeleton, made of resin. The cameo has been securely mounted a brand new rococo style antique sterling silver plated setting, from vintage tooling, Made in USA. A bright red aluminum rose flower has been set on the cameo. I finished it up with a skull crossbones charm at the end of the extender! 
So these are just a few there are load's more, I have really got into Etsy I need a break from Ebay and I love the mix of handmade products that they have. So I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your Friday. Thank you for your feedback and hello new followers.

What is your favourite celebration ?


  1. Aw, i like the last two photos lots!

  2. Thanks for the motivating comment dear..I appreciate it so much..:)
    Btw, love all of the photos!! They are absloutely beyond amazing!
    Hope you're having a very nice week


  3. wow!!this post is amaziing!!
    I love all these photos..

  4. I'm loving all the photos!! That decal for the laptop is awesome x

  5. wow.. gorgeous make up with that first set of photos! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. GORGEOUS photos!! My friend who is a model recently did a Dia de los Muertos shoot. I'm jealous!! :P


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