So this weekend has been awful, and stressful. Lucky my BF is a legend and has been rushing round and trying to keep our son busy (he is teething like mad, and has been in a lot of pain). So we could not go to the picnic (for my friends birthday) or anything, it has been so full on that I don't even want to talk it's draining and I feel so tried. So the end of this month me and the BF have been together nine year's, so we are going to do something nice but have no idea what yet. 

To be honest we could just sit in a room and enjoy a day of silence and nothingness (if you have a child who has or is teething you will understand), for people that don't it's like that person at work who is sweet but annoying know the one with all the question's. It starts off with a few and before you know it you are eating lunch under the table for fear of being asked ........
 'oh what do you have today? What's the cal content? Want to know what I have? Did you see Big Brother? Is that your bag? Are you crawling to the door?Where are the shoes from, I can't tell from the sole? Okay speak to you later ...oh you left your drink can I have it?' 
Yeah you know the one, well teething is like that, it's not their fault but you want to get away as far as you can.

So I have no cute outfit picture's for today just me having a good moan and rant. Oh has anyone seen Drew Barrymore lately her hair is beyond lush I love it, if you have not check her out. I wish I had that romantic, laid back look ....mines more fluffy and complex (messy not in the sexy or cool way).

Oh I ordered some cute shoes off ASOS, I really don't need them but I had to have them for a A/W with tights look. I think tomorrow I will call my friends, and try and take my son to playgroup I just need to shake it up a bit. I think it is good to get out and get on with thing's when you feel shit, and than you can focus on more important things what to get my son for his 1st birthday? ....

Oh I can't stop watching 'IT Crowd' have to watch is some clip bit's of want every girl does. Sorry you have to view it in you tube :( it won't let me share it. Or just follow this link:


  1. This post made me laugh and yes we have a couple of annoying dumb people at my company. I think IT crowd is so funny and off the wall I never use to like it, but it is something you get to love. The work outing is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Try not to stress and just make the most of him being small, I have a five year old and everything is why?why?
    So you have this to look forward to.

  2. I imagine that having a child that young must be draining!! Sorry to hear that, but I'm sure it will pass very soon. As soon as those little teeth pop in he'll be happy again :)
    Hope you get to relax soon!! Have a good week.

  3. oh thank you my dear's, today has been a whole lot better :P Just part of growing up I guess. xx

  4. I remember when my youngest sister was teething, nightmare! So I can definitely understand how stressed you must feel sometimes.

    Also, love how every time I visit, you seem to have a new header! Obviously, quite the gaga fan! :)

    Also yes, you studied interior design? Do you do interior designing now? It's definitely nice to talk about other things!

  5. Great post! Sorry to hear that the teething is driving you crazy! I love how you described it! & wow 9 years thats an achievement! Congratulations! Yes I have seen Drew Barrymore's hair! It's beautiful and just perfect! I read on someone's blog that apparently she has been slated for it? I can't think why! Also love the IT crowd, just bought my boyfriend seasons 1,2 and 3 for his birthday!

    Great blog love it!

    Adèle –

  6. the IT crowd is bound to cheer anyone up!

  7. ha ha I love Jen


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