You Know It's Bad, When A Wig Look's Better Than Your Hair ......

So I don't know about you, but I have a love, hate relationship with my hair. I mostly hate it but I don't want to lose it, I have alopecia and it has not been bad for a long time. After having my son I lose half my hair, but this is normal as the hair stops shedding during pregnancy and after it starts again -So now I have little tuff's of hair, I have also been dying my hair forever as I have a streak of grey just at the front. I got fed up of being called Rogu from the Xmen.

Photo: Taken by me of Mango's Displays

Well I have ended up with hair that is beyond shit! It's five different shades and is bi polar it's flat but full, dry but greasy (not all the time) if it could talk it would say 'Fuck you'. Yes it hates me too, that's why it is always upsetting when you see a wig that is better than your hair.

I have like 1 out of 365 days of my hair looking good. I know I have hair I should be thankful (I am) but why can't I have the shine, carefree hair that would say ' Hay your just so health and happy ..I love you' ...but no my hair is the drunk girl at party's ...It won't be told want to do, it will just be a mess.You try everything to calm and help it, but in the end you give up and just hope that people your around have 'drunk girl' hair too. So how about you lot? Do you have great hair? Let me know?

I think a trim and maybe a salon colour is what I need. Sober my hair up abit.


  1. Oh that must be really difficult to deal with at times, sorry to hear you have alopecia - I know it's not that nice :-(

    I've always thought your hair looks great though; I'd never noticed. You should take a tip from Japanese girls - the reason their hair always looks so perfect is because most of them wear wigs! It's completely true - invest in good wigs and you will never have a bad hair day ^-^ plus they come ready-controlled so you don't even have to do that *worships hair heaven*

    Claire xxx

  2. my hollie used to have a rolly polly like this for a year or so, really suited her 50s vibes. i on the other hand have not reallly ever had good hair. did have a sort of frizzy afro mess for a few years but now i have a number 4 all over. i'm losing it!

  3. oh thank you my dears :P I am fine just have mad hair rant every now and than's hard to get all my hair under a wig :P I do like em ....just hot and itchy.

  4. you get shine by blow drying with the cuticle of the hair shaft. i never blow dry my hair and its hardly ever really shiny but when i get done at the salon its like a mirror...because they know how to blow dry it! lol use a concentrator attachment on takes forever but the result is amazing! good luck!


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