Goliath's Girl ............

So as it has been so hot, I have been living in vests and tees, so was so graceful and delighted when Trish (my OZ bbf) got me this fab Lady Gaga tee from Camden. We were at Covent Garden and having a meal at the Souk, which is this amazing Moroccan place ....down near Neal st.

So I teamed my tee, with this new fab H&M waterfall jacket that gives it some glam. I could have worn some heels, but as it was such a fall on week what for flats instead. We passed the David and Goliath shop, and I love their new range of ' Heart' tees ...I really want the cupcake one ....or just all of them. Their tops are kooky and playful, and I love the feel of the cotton. It's mad to think, that once upon a time that you would have never worn your T-shirt outside your clothing that it once was seen as underwear. Thank god for James Dean and crew for making the T-shirt a great staple in every ones wardrobe.

P.s ....if you don't wear T-shirts what is wrong with you ! I don't trust people who don't own any T-shirts.

Check out there site: http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com plus at the moment you can win a tee :P so go have a look.

Jacket: H&M £19.99
Top: Gift
Necklace: New Look
Jeggings: Topshop £35
Shoes: My mums
Bag: Primark

Have a fab week and hope you are all well.


  1. Love tees, I could buy so many!

  2. haha not trusting of non t-shirt wearers, well it's safe to say i don't wear loads of t-shirts but i own loadddddddssssss. maybe 20ish currently but more of a layers things. have tones o vtg ones though. your header is forever changing, i can't keep up!

    will do have a fab weekend, have you got a twitter by the way? get one if not. what are you going to be getting up to?

  3. Hey Mimi! I don't trust a person who doesn't own any tees either. They're a staple! Though I don't wear them as much as I used to which upsets me!

    They're mainly for boys, but my boyf has just started his own T-shirt business. He's out in the wind and rain trying to flog them right now. Check out his site if you like www.yetibirdclothing.com. I think they're pretty cool (but then I may be a tad biased!)

    x x

  4. thanks for the comments my dears. Not up to much Mat, just the usual ...yes I am on Twitter (not much :P).
    Shoesstring ...I will check out the site and thanks for the comment. Love to you all xxxxxx

  5. great taste!! ;) i was going to get this jacket until i realised they didnt have my damn size!!


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