What a funny week it is going to be, I think. The weather has gone back to being mad, and is sunny than pissing down. It is a nightmare you go out in shorts and have to go buy clothing so you don't freeze for the rest of the day. Not much fun walking in flip flops, and having street water soak between your toes.

Lucky I'm trying to tone up, and had jogging bottoms on and my shape ups ....yeah not very glam at all. People look at you like your going to mug them (even with my buggie) ..maybe they think I will run them down with the buggie, and than get my son to crawl over and take their wallet. I am not going to walk heaps in glam wear, after all you wear the shit stuff to walk out to look great in the glam stuff. Anyway less of my Rant .......

So welcome new peeps and thank you for following, my blog list for this week will be a couple of past outfits and I have a heap of shop displays for you and other random crap :P sound fun?!

So here are some of the displays at New look and River Island, from when me and my BBF Trish went shopping before she went back to OZ.

River Island ............I heart them, long gone is the chav wear ...Hello to foxy chic.

     This dress is just stunning, must weigh a fair bit.

Plus the footwear is lush ! Check their stuff out at their stuff is well priced and they have a sale on at the moment :)

New look .....I want the shoe's seat !

Me being a geek

I wish I had a shoe tree for displaying my shoes

Again New Look has had a huge style over haul, and has such great shoes and they are dead cheap ...check them out at

Here is what I wore that day ...I was in a Bettie rocker chick mood. The sun has cleared my skin up abit, which is great and I have a tan (for me, usual I have pale undead skin :P) so am getting more in the summer swing. Great for a nice top up of Vitamin D too.

People have been dressing up as Lady Gaga, what's new you may ask ........will this was on Yahoo news. I really want to see who won?

'Die-hard supporters dressed as their idol, sang and danced to Gaga songs in the hope of winning passes to a concert. Lady Gaga performed a 30 minute live set on the NBC Today Show.
Twenty-six year old Renee Cole from Brooklyn said it took her several hours to put together her Lady Gaga costume, which she picked up from a flea market.
"I think she has amazing fashion sense and I love that it's so crazy and so different that it really makes you stop and think and that's the important thing, that people actually are not afraid to think and not afraid of fashion,"
Lady Gaga is in New York for a series of concerts at Madison Square Garden, before she heads off on a summer tour of North America '

words from Yahoo news.
So anyway I hope you are all well.
What have you been buying?
Seen any really cool displays?
I will try and post some more this week of new found websites and lots of random stuff, be well.


  1. That place looks amazing! Ah you're so lucky! :)

  2. Buying?!?!?! Erm, nothing *sad face* I'm poor :-(

    But if I had the money, well... Bicester Village would be getting a visit from moi!

    That New Look looks fabulous - which one is it?

    Claire xxx

  3. oxford circus Clarie. Yeah me too hun, I got a skirt for £6 in the River Island sale. I'm trying to be good because I have too much and too little money :P
    Nice to look for abit of inspiration ! xx


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