Busy Little Bee

Sorry I have been slacking !!! Really not cool of me, it seems that I am back in demand and have a ton of stuff to do that does not involve a nappy or a hoover. Shock horror, I know ... I feel like my old self mixed in with being a mum has final come together it only took 9 months. I can't believe my little dude is going to be 1 !!! I am going to have a 1 year old ....mad.

Anyway I have been a busy little bee, as when I was out I have been snapping windows left, right and centre. So will soon be bring you all the yummy new displays from London with love. There is one thing that is upsetting, it's all the SALE signs that block whole displays. Yes I know there are mega sales on, but the displays are sooo pretty.

Sales are on at:
River Island
H&M ..............well everywhere so get to your shopping centre or do it the clean way, without elbows in your face and shop online.So Trish is back home, and I have been abit down ..I know she will be back, but it is always sad when you are worlds apart from a great friend. We had a blast and I just have to show you what we found in Topshop:

Top: £16:00
Bottoms: £60
I just love both this crop top and the stud jeans are great to just give your everyday outfit some edgy cool.

Dress: £48 ....I think.
This dress was so pretty, not right on my body shape but great if you are top heavy.

Top: £30 ...something pounds
This felt amazing on, this would be great for a gig or a party as it does not need much. Wear a plain bra as it is see through ...bikini maybe. 

Sorry I have no idea how much this dress was ...everything I am showing is current season so go to their website and you can have a look. I got a great pair of jeggings that are so lush (yes, abit boring but I already am wearing them to death so a must have) they are thick denim like fabric and are soo comfortable. Anyway I will post all the trips me and Trish did as I got some wicked photos and we did a major shop. I was good I did not buy much ......horay I'm taming the beast that is the 'shoe monster'.

Anyway thank you for all your comments and I hope you are all well. Untill the weekend, have a great one xxx


  1. that last dress looks AMAZING on you! did u get it??

  2. that last dress is gorgeous!!
    it really flatters you!

    thanks for all the great scarf ideas! I will definitely try all of them out and post pictures!

    Have a fabulous weekend :)

  3. Loving the outfits, especially the 1st top!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  4. will comment properly on your comment and on this post, in a we rush.

    but that orange dress really suits you loads and does suit your type

  5. incredible jeans! and i love your header too


  6. Great photoss!!
    nice blog too

  7. love this!!



  8. thank you for all your comments xxx


Thank you for your comments, I really do love hearing from you x