Studded Top How To .........................Lady Gaga

So all you need for this great top is a swimsuit, and a pack of cone studs (EBay ..the retired punk - has a great choice) and a pair of scissors. It is sooo easy to make. The reason I got a swimsuit, is because I could not find a under wired top so this is a great alternative. First of all count your studs, (I had a pack of 24) I used six for each side and do one side at a time so you can mirror them.

So take your stud and just pierce it through the fabric, take your scissors and carefully push the metal prongs inwards(on the reverse side of your top) back into the fabric (just so you know they won't drop off, plus to stop you getting stabbed in the boob with one).

So it should look like this inside the cup. Once you have finished you should have something that looks like this. Than the last step I cut off the bottom, you don't have too, you could always sew in pop studs or just leave it .....I was on a night out and knew if I needed the loo, I could not take it off quickly so just cut it at the bottom and wore my jeans over the bottom. 

And this is what it looked like on, I love it ...............but my sunburn took away from just how cool it is. Try this make, it's easy cheap and you can do it on any top. The swimsuit was a good idea because it had padded cup's so the studs sat well. Good luck and let me know if you try it ........Hope you have a wicked weekend xxx

images: all mine !!!


  1. Omg i love this top! It's amazing =)

  2. love the studded boobies!!


  3. Oh wow, this is cute!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  4. Very cool!! It looks great on you, and I LOVE your makeup and the pink bow/fascinator you wore with it :)

    Have a gorgeous weekend <3

  5. that outfit sure is very gaga!
    i love the head piece, it really makes the outfit!
    love your blog :)

  6. crikey! you loook geeeeerd. and get you wearing a swimsuit outside, you crazy person. looks ace though. i studded a denim jacket last years but i got bored of them a few months later so i unstudded it. that;s the beauty of it i guess.

    the tate was brilliant, best day i've had in a while actually, can't wait ti go again already. not been up to loads, work and more work(got two jobs) and not tones else, if i do do anything decent i will let you know ;)

  7. great DIY I'm in love in GAGA too!


  8. Hey hey gorgeous missy! you look hot here!! and your DIY studs look amazeeeeeeeeeeee-ing, i think im going to do some customising with studs soon! how much were the studs? ill have to do some major ebay searching soon!

    my birthday.. meh, my bf and i split up officially on my birthday and i had no time to celebrate either because had exams the following days so just went out for a few drinks on that weekend. life really hates me right now it seems! but i hope things are all good for you and id love to see what you wore out with your friend this weekend!


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  10. this is so cool!



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