Poker Faced: How to on mirror glasses

My Best friend Trish
Hey so I know I have been away for a while, my friend Trish is here for two week's from Oz so making the most of my time with her. We have been doing a heap of stuff, shopping and partying the old day's. So that means I have been making stuff, and taking ALOT of picture's of window displays so look forward to some great post's. Plus Trish has said she will do a guest post for you all Hooray !!! 

So thank you for all your comment's and to Lisa for a the wicked nail tutorial that she dedicated to me made me cry, was so sweet and means so much
You can check it out at .............http://lisadrivesavan.blogspot/.com/

So here is a how to on, real mirrored glasses so be careful when wearing them please! So I made these for my friend Trish, for our Gaga-ish night out at Punk and everyone wanted a pair. They are really easy to make so here's how :
Gaga glasses:

So you will need:
  • One sheet of card about A4 size will do
  • Mirrored tiles small and big (Ebay)
  • Sunglasses or plain glasses any will do
  • Super strength glue
  • Foil or any reflective tape (just so you can't see the card in between the mirror tiles.
  • Pair of scissors  
  • silver string or whatever you have.

Take your sunglasses and cover the handle's in tape I used silver tape which is not too hard to buy can always spray or paint them.
Once your done, than start to cut out a mask shape out of the card, again cover it on both sides. Cut it into any shape you like but it must cover the glasses don't forget (like I did) to cut away around the bottom for your nose.

Trace around the sunglasses if this helps and make eye holes (yeah it's good to see where your going)it should look abit like this .....

Once your happy place it on top of the glasses, just to check it covers it and you have space for the bridge of your nose. Take your string and pierce a whole into the edge of the mask, feed the string through and tie around the joint of the glasses.

Only do this on one side for the moment because you need to start gluing the sunglasses frame to the card mask. You will need to leave them for about 30 mins, just so the glue can take and they can take the weight of the mirror tiles you can tie the other side.

Now is the tricky/fun part ....start around the eye hole's and start sticking them on, you can copy Gaga's mask or like me mix it up a bit. Once them are all stuck on remove any glue on top with a wet cloth (it's almost impossible when dry).

Also if you mess up like I did don't be scared to take off the tiles and rearrange them (I also cut the top inwards to make it look cooler). Than you are done, sorry if I explained this really badly and good luck with your mirror glasses. NOW YOU CAN ENJOY !!

Before: they were too heavy so I remove alot and this is them after .......

So anyway my next DIY is the studded top I have on above ...really easy to make. Hope you are all well, and thank you for the comment's welcome to everyone who has joined I look forward to getting to know you all. Have a wicked weekend if I can't post before it and glad to be back xxx


  1. well there you go! easy really hey, and they look great. where did you/your friend wear them?

    glad you haven't gone for ever, thought you said your mate was coming to stay.

    hey im sure i mentioned it but have you entered my competition yet to win some ray bans?

  2. wow i really do need a pair of these gaga glasses in my life, eventhough i wouldn't have the guts to wear them out hahah. you are soooooo creative, i love them muchly! i really think you should start selling a few of your creations, you could make lots of ££££££££

    hope to catch up with you soon! i wondered where you had dissapeared to, i was starting to worry since you have been missing from here longer than me :P enjoy the time left you have with your friend and don't forget to post pictures of what the nails turn out like XD xxxx


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