Carrie Moment

So again, sorry for picture's that aren't right now but like I said it has been mad. So here is my Laura Lee's dress that I got off EBay for £4:50, and it made me feel all Carrie Bradshaw (back in the early day's)  I have been good and not gone on Ebay for abit and just wearing what I have (which is ALOT!). What do you think cute ? We had a lovely day, really chilled out and had a nice pub lunch.

I also had a good clear out of thing's that don't fit or just are too am 'young'. I know I am only 27, but there are thing's I just would not wear and being a mum I want my son to like the way I dress rather than him thinking that I'm trying to look his age as he starts to get older. Plus as everyone is EBaying now, I think people have started to forget about charity shop's. They need stuff to sale to raise money and if no one is giving it can end with them having to close. So why not make to pile's one for EBay and one for Charity does make a difference, I took one the other day and have two more. Plus I got this cute straw pinic bag for £2:95 ......I love it, anway back to what
I was saying ... 

The women who manages it was really happy and said that lately has been tough and they have not had much, she also told me if something is not saleable they rag it and it goes to the third world. So go to your wardrobe and see if there is at least five thing's you don't wear and will never use and donate them ....I bet there is. Trust me you won't miss them, and you will feel good knowing that your unwanted goods can be loved again and the money helps people. Sue Ryder is a great one as it covers's alot of charity's.

Dress: EBay Laura Lee's for Topshop
Bag: Accessorize
Shoes: New Look
Bracelet: Gift


  1. you look soo good in that dress!

    and i LOVE the bag in the first pic! xx

  2. I want hand made it bag by Aksessyraize.

  3. i just did a post on the very same shoes!! how weird!! loving your blog!
    please pop by -

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  5. you look beautiful as per!!!! i love the dress so much it brings out the colour of your eyes. pretty trendy bag too :D have a lovely weekend won't you xx

  6. Im baaaack! I have been in hospital for a while because my appendix burst! Now Im not allowed out of the house because it went a bit wrong and I'm not allowed to move. But I thought, if I can't blog about my own life then I will just blog about other news!

    LOTS to catch up on, gonna get my read on today! i love the embroidery on your dress, what a bargain eh!? I saw some really cute laura lees tops in topshop a while ago, my friend got one with a sugar skull, a lipstick and some other cool stuff embroidered on. I love them me! haha :)

    Paddy xx


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