A Tad Busy

Cardi: borrowed off my mum
Tee: River Island
Jeans: f&f ....I think
Shoes: Ebay
Bracelet: Old

Sorry I have been sooo busy this week, my Friend Trish is coming from Oz so have been making thing's, and just tidying and looking after little one. Who is not soo little, he is now crawling non stop and is trying to stand. For any of you who don't know, I have a son who is almost 9 month's and growing. He has been watching me make a pair of Lady Gaga shade's for my friend Trish. She is having a drink's thing next Friday, sooo my idea was let's do Lady Gaga outfit's, not a full on wig thing more of a hat's off to her.

So I got a swimming cossie (as I could not get a under wired body) and I have put stud's on it .....but may add some other cute thing's. I am also making a mini hat, I will post these ...you will be like oh dear ...but hay I don't mine being laughed at as long as I feel good and am enjoying myself. So will post picture's of the night for sure ....gonna be a great one. So how are you all? Thank you for all the comment's on the SATC post ...Lot's of mixed feels on their outfit's.I have to say it was all about SJP ....I mean neon yellow ....Come on, not easy to wear.

So here is my outfit from the other day, I have not been wearing nice stuff at the moment due to being indoor's and tidying. This was from the weekend, me and my bloke just took our son for a short walk as my BF hurt his back and could not get about.

So I am wearing my EBay shoes that cost me next to nothing, they are sooo comfortable and just a chunky knit cardi (as I get chilly) with my fave RI tee.

Have a fab weekend my love's and I will try and do a Uber post tomorrow if I get time. I also will post my Gaga DIY's.
R.I.P Barry's Gal Blog
Hay just a note to say I had to remove my Barry's Gal Blog ...sorry to the follower's thank you for the support, but it was just too much running both. This blog is not that much different from it so I hope you enjoy it, just as much.


  1. have you seen on Tweet's blog the gaga sunglasses comp? you should enter. ps i'm going to be doing a cheeky giveaway next week, so stay tuned! really excited about it.

    it's been ages since we had a natter yeah, i'm very well. not much to report back though, the usual work and laziness. planning another painting next week.

    the borrowed mum cardigan looks ace, a lady of good taste! you're wacking studs on everything these days, careful on the bikini front though, safety first!

  2. Hi honey!!

    LOVEEEE your shorts & shoes!!
    Pretty <3

  3. you look great as per! i love those acid washy jeans.. think i need a pair now! this is such a great chic casual outfit. you love your ebay shoes don't you ;) ive been searching for shoesies on there and bought a pair of boots on ebay the other day for 99p! bargain <3 hope your well xxxx


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